PixelOz helps you out

PixelOz has posted up a great free e-book that is a great resource if you have any interest in making your own paper models. After flipping through it I was pretty excited - eventhough alot of it may not be anything new to alot of your paper model makers, there are a few things here and there that will make your life alot easier.

"This is a free e-book that I just finished writing about how to design paper models (card models). It is based mainly on the freely available open source program Blender 3D and an illustration program of your choice but it teaches a lot of the most important fundamentals of 3D paper model design that have the tendency to give a wee bit of trouble to new designers. It is 227 pages long and has hundreds of full color illustrations to help you understand the concepts of the e-book better."

Get it and get to it!


contakt said...

First person to make a paper model of an iPhone wins a prize

Curtis Chorizali said...

done been done homie!

dj c-sick said...

paper model of an iphone blowjob?

contakt said...

Congrats Curtis Chorizali! C-Sick is going to do a custom "Down w/ the Clownz" Insane Clown Posse MegaMix for you!