iPhone poll results aka iPhone Party 2.0

iPhone fisheye - comming to a videoedit near you soon.

The results are in. Even though majority seems to love their iPhones, close second was cheap/free phones - something I fully support, since my previous phone, right before 3GS was this....

Blackberries are fun too, can't beat the little keyboard.
At least 3 people want to fuck this blog for iPhone BJs - I must admit, I was one of them - who wouldn't want to fuck this blog? Its so sexy! :)

Not a single person voted for it being overpriced and dumb - figured that one would be popular.

Moral? Get an iPhone if your want it, if you're curious, if your phone broke. Get it if you want email, GPS, ipod, vid/photo camera all in one slim piece of electronics. Do NOT get an iPhone if you hate technology, fun, convenience, or if you need a new phone that works if your old one breaks. Get an iPhone if you want to do pretty much anything that a basic web laptop can do - but DO NOT get it if you're a whiny little bitch who trolls blogs to complain about things you can't afford or if your mom won't add you to the family plan until you move out from her god damn basement, son.


I love my Iphone 5 (31%)
I upgrade my Iphone yearly 2 (12%)
Iphone is overpriced and dumb 0 (0%)
Blackberry rules 2 (12%)
Cheap/Free phones all day 4 (25%)
Fuck this Blog for Iphone BJs 3 (18%)


teenager rapper old enough to live outside of moms basement said...

i cant afford, but thats only cuz i have my $500 rent and new jordans to buy first...

Accatone Becchino said...

as long as my work is payin for my phone i'll probably never have an iPhone.

but i'll never have to pay a phone bill either.....