AIBLPM - January 2010 Edition

The AIBLPM for today is a easy and refreshing 0.83 and that makes C2D's heart sing.
Perhaps the cold makes people want to endanger others less, or perhaps today is a lucky day. I haven't commuted to our HQ via bike in a long time, literally since last year, so perhaps the real reason behind a low AIBLPM rate is the fact that I haven't pissed anyone off on my office route in weeks, which resulted in everyone calming down and finding deep within themselves a overpowering will and rational to park in designated spots and not wherever the fuck.

Regardless, I forgot how much fun it is to ride.

My bike of choice, a Tonic Fallguy will shortly be replaced with a NS Capital. Its a sad moment, but like with anything, good things always seem to come to an end.
Eventhough Portland, Oregon is a perfectly reasonable place to make bike frames, bikes of choice in that region are road and track, not dirt and street, therefore I must take my business overseas to Poland.
Eastern Europe is the horseradish of my excistance and its only right that I ride a velosiped cultivated 714 miles away from my hometown, and not 5,433 - presuming Moscow is my hometown and not NYC, in which case I suggest to just ignore the mile measurements above and use a less known but more accurate and case specific soul scale.

The point is, its warmer out. The face no longer wants to fall off with each minute on the pedals in 20mph 12F winds. Ride!


Stoked said...

did you source the NS frame from canada? frames are tight. my second favorite :)

Curtis Chorizali said...

chainreactioncycles has free shipping on orders over $240. got a black 09 capital 2 and RNS fork arriving next week, along with a few other fun bits.