Headphones Were A Tight Race

Clearly the air buds are the winners, err, ear buds. Kinda expected that outcome, cuz riding around with two soup bowls on yer head can look a bit funny. I can't believe i missed Air Bud Spikes Back. I bet it was amazing! I mean, all the other Bud series were inspiring to say the least. Wheelchair riders playing basketball... please, Air Bud is fucking canine that has surpassed so many obstacles and takes it to the hole every time. Pick a sport, Air Bud brings home the championship. He doesn't even have thumbs!!!

My vote is for the noise isolating jobbies, and im pretty sure thats what I'm gonna get. That or an R/C helicopter

earbuds 8 (50%)
wraparound sport headphones 5 (31%)
earpads 4 (25%)
full size soup bowls 6 (37%)
noise cancelling 6 (37%)
noise isolating 6 (37%)
surround headphones 3 (18%)

Votes so far: 16

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Anonymous said...

headphones are anti cool