Liquid Bikes Co.

Liquid Bikes is a new company from California, the US of A. I found out about it on Ridemonkey, this bikester forum I frequent. The geometry and the looks of this bike are spot on, and it just looks like it will hop and jump and skip like a dream. Could be a perfect frame for that big bmx feel, good street/dirt/park machine. I'm suuppppper strongly considering this frame - eventhough I love me some squish upfront. Here are the specs for the bars, specs for frame can be found on their site - price looks damn good.

6 inch rise
28 inch width
10 degree backsweep
2 degree upsweep
multi-butted 4130 chromoly
26 oz

Frame - $309
Bars - $54
Frame/bar combo - $340


Roman Candles said...

I like this and if I didn't have the wrists of a 78 year old osteoporosis-addled woman, I would buy one.

Curtis Chorizali said...

i'm in the same boat. but i kind of like the idea of having a one bike for trails/street/park once again - lately my 20 been for street and 24 for dirt. my next 24 frame, i dont want to be worried about grind damage. hmmm