My KHE Complete

Yep yep, this is the same bike that was used in those stunt videos from a few days ago - a completely stock KHE, except maybe for some sweet trixstor bars that came with it. The stem, the seat clamp, cranks, pedals, wheels are all removable with a little tool provided, and it even has a functioning chain. You can raise and lower the seat, change the grips, add pegs and other silly stuff. I decided to go with a brakeless version for my table bike to see whats what. I love my brakes in real life, and this was one way for me to live on the edge... of my desk.

It sits there, quitely, as I'm wishing I could ride RIGHT now... but its snowing, raining, cold, nasty, worky and so on. I love bikes, and this is just one more way I can get deeper into my bike nerddom and obsession.

ps. I bought two of these, one for me, one for my partner in crime here at C2D, and I'm not sure if his is KHE or if its mine? Does the frame/stickers look like something other then KHE? Got any ideas what it is? Let us know.


Karolin said...

Can my pet hamster ride it? Hehe

Anonymous said...

and by pet hamster, u mean...