Rapper, Icon, Actor........ Teacher. Method Man Bringing More Than Pain To The Learning Annex!

Johnny Blaze, teaching a class about rolling the perfect blunt at The Learning Annex, how could you pass this up??

Well, maybe that will be in the Q&A portion of the class, but yes, Method Man will be at The Learning Annex talking about the business. Which business? It don't matter cause he's done it all. Music, TV, movies, comics, electrical engineering. Something like that.

Go to learn, go to network, or hell, just go for the spectacle, the Annex always manages to bring out the weirdness. Did I ever tell you time I went to their "How To Film An Adult Movie" class and saw a woman fuck another one in the ass with a shoe heel. Well, that's another post, but check out Bong Water Butt Babes for more on that instructor. What about the speed dating class that had folks getting booted from the venue for fornicating in the bathroom.

Never fails

You can sign up and get all the details here or call 212-371-0280

BUT WAIT, normally this costs 44.95, but we got the hookup. Use coupon code "meth20" to get 20 bucks off.

This event is Thursday, Jan 28th, so don't wait for it to sell out.


Darrell W. Morehouse said...

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donde said...

Good point Darrell....well put

Anonymous said...

I <3 Confusion.

Roman Candles said...

Full disclosure: Darrell W. Morehouse is C2D business manager and accountant, in charge of our seven-figure seed capital and investment arm