Fort Greene to Hoboken Bike Ride - 2005

This was a pretty epic ride. Not necessarily because it was 27 miles there, and 12 back but because it was done on a 30:13 geared Evil DOC. That's pretty spinny for those who don't know. While riding along the West Side Highway we came across a curious looking plant, right there in the open. Everyone insisted it was spinach and/or carrots, but I'm pretty sure its cilantro.

There it is again, growing in the open. Definitely not carrots.

This overpass bridge is beautiful. I always love riding under it.

Don't try this at home folks. 9' drop to flat.

On the GWB. One of the best places in New York to appreciate the massive sprawl that is NYC.

Evil DOC. Awesome bicycle. Note the Odyssey Compact sprocket. A certain C2D intern is still rocking that thing. Boom.

From the slums of Jersey, Midtown Manhattan looks like the promised land.

Ahm, excuse me ducks. Trying to ride here.

How about this. All the way to Jersey, Path train back to Manhattan. Quick stop at the banks for a sesh. Youth...

Anson YOWELLI Wellington and Ryan Denehy chillin at the Brooklyn Banks.

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Stoked said...

good shit. love the throwbacks.