You've probably heard about this project on every news channel and blog out there, but reading about it is far from seeing it. Subway tracks are a serious place. When I was a little kid there was a series of books about Neznaika, who's name roughly translates to "The one who doesn't know", and in one of the stories he was being chased by a bunch of bullies and the only way for him to escape was to jump off the platform and on to the tracks of the Moscow subway and run into the darkness of the tunnel. He ran until the light behind him was just a pinhole, yet he could still hear the panting breath of his pursuers, so he didn't look back until he reached the next stop. The story was written so well, and perhaps I was very impressionable at the time, but this visual haunted me for many years to come.
Not many people have the interest, balls or stupidity to walk the tracks. It's a self preservation thing I guess. Who'd wanna get hurt or arrested. But then again many people are scared shitless of anything out of ordinary. One of our own C2D writers has recently walked the tracks and has a wicked story to tell, but more on that later. Watch the video, its awesome.


2BS B-Smith said...

definitely really cool, annoying but understandable why its so against the man to want to see these historic areas hidden deep below the city, or in some cases above..

Accatone Becchino said...

damn...this is the kind of shit you guys aren't supposed to let me see....