Cyclist vs. Businessman

My biggest fear when riding on the street is 1. a person opening a car door without checking their mirror - I've had two close calls this past summer and 2. A pedestrian crossing a street without looking both ways. I avoid riding against traffic but even when I'm riding with it, I've almost hit a mother + baby carriage and a pedestrian, both of which didn't even glance at oncoming traffic before they decided to j-walk. My 3rd fear is actually getting hit by a car. Observe the cars passing by in the right lane before the rider hits the man - he swerved into traffic after the fact. If the indecent occurred before the cars passed, he would of been meat.


Curtis Chorizali said...

damn. glad that didn't get too ugly.
as much as i hate going against traffic, sometimes you gotta. gotta stay alert on them streets and expect someone to pop out from behind every big car/van at all times.

Anonymous said...

jimmy kimmel played this clip about 8 months ago and had me rollin