Edwin De La Rosa - Through My Eyes

Man, I love New York. This town knows how to party. Over the past few years the party scene kind of fell off for me, the worst part being wack DJ's playing crap, jacks of all trade, masters of none. Gloomy people looking tough. The whole scene just too serious.

That's a bit of a tangent, but the point is, last night Edwin had his photo show opening and the spot was bumping. Heavy business. The second you walk in and see a huge photo of a ridiculous wallride right next to Edwins bike mixed in with the DJ blastin some Mobb, you knew it was gonna be something special. Then you stumble to the open bar and get a free brew. Then you are greeted by Edwin who is nice as hell on and off the bike. Nothing but respect for the dude and his crafts - we here at C2D support this all day. Place was packed with sick riders. It was like a Brooklyn Banks reunion. Don't forget some smokin bitties in attendance. Oooh weee. No joke, my friends. You should have been there!  As cheezy as this sounds, this was the best party I've been to in a long loooong time, and we party all the damn time over here at C2D, its a requirement.

And as with any good party, at the end the cops showed up - they even blocked in the street with their whips to make the appearance official.

To sum it up, Edwin, thank you for a good time!

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