A Must Have for Times Square Bootleggers

here is some retro/throwback classic gun styling from the '80s. what movie from that era didn't have some kind of MAC make an appearance? i heard that if you look really hard you can even see one in "the Breakfast Club"

it really does have a classic look for kids of our generation though. so crudely machined...so uncomfortable to hold...so inaccurate to shoot. and still so goddamned sexy.

i seriously considered buying this one but held back. they are now made by
Masterpiece Arms (possibly named sarcastically...??) and sell for around $400. there are other sizes and calibers on their website but this one takes the cake for me.

PS-these are Semi-Automatic but Full-Auto MACs are pretty much the cheapest machineguns you can get...generally running about $3k.


donde said...

what i like the most about this post, is that you took the photo personally. the only thing better would have been you re-enacting scenes from said 80's movies. maybe Colors? Red Dawn? Robocop? Which was the more 80's sub, mac 10, uzi, or mp5?

donde said...

ya see that, kinda looks like the size of mac-10 round doesnt. thats what you get when you spill paint in the garage at my house

Retardo Montalban said...

Good call, M. Estero. My '80s flick featuring a mac 10 would be 'American Werewolf in London', where those weird alien underwater demon monster creatures from space come through and mow the almost-werewolf guy's family down in his dream with a gaggle of full auto macs, while holding his head and making him watch, then slit his throat. Good times!

donde said...

ooh, that is a classic choice, and a standout moment, however brief, in that flick

Accatone Becchino said...

does it make it even better that i took the pic personally on my desk at work?

Anonymous said...

thats what i'm talkin about!