Commodore + What Do You Use?

This is kind of geeky and fun. Commodore 64 is making a comeback, in a fresh new way.
The Commodore is planning a re-release of the old school think box with a Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad @ 1333MHz processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, fast video card amongst other things.

From what I know, all of these All-In-One-No-Upgrade-Possible machines are only good for a secretary or a super casual user aka they are doomed to fail, but there is something neat about this project. We at C2D like this.

And speaking of geeky stuff.

The poll results for "What do you use" are in. And no real surprise there. Most of you out there, 51% to be exact, use real computers. Oooh snap! No we didn't! :)

22% of you use an iPod, errrr..... Apple computer. Exactly the same number of users are getting by on Magic. So does that mean that Apple computers are magical? We sure think so, we're fans of Apple over here - why else do you think we were accused of slobbering the iPhone knob.

Whatever it is out there that gets you here - keep using it!

7 (22%)
16 (51%)
1 (3%)
7 (22%)

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