New Music For Shitty Weather

its nasty out, its rainy and miserable. i get to work drenched and consider buying a pair of sweatpants, if it would only stop pouring. but ya know what, im in a great mood. new music in my ears got a smile on my face, so what if im cold, wet, got a black eye, bruised up. Now i got a reason to walk with a limp

new Wu Massacre- Solid - how can you go wrong with a Rae, Meth, Ghost collab project
new Fashawn - Head Nodder
new Devin EP - well, its devin, and he can do no wrong
new Erykah Badu - BANGIN!!! Check her dope single-take video out for Window Seat

its out there, so get it, or wait to hear more on the next HHAD mix (26 and 27 has tracks from all of the above releases, except the Devin).


Modnar Banzai said...

Hey - does anyone read the c2d@gmail email?

I got the boot, but I wanna contribute, what's my failing?!

I will fix it!

(I will not, however, comply with any demands that I bathe, or otherwise accommodate for my odor(s).)

Modnar Banzai said...

Oh yeah, nice knitty stuff!