Turrbotax In The House

Turrbotax parties been blowing up. They came a LOOOONG way from a few short months back, when it was lowkey, to what it is today, a bumping, Asahi fueled, lazer and smoke machine blastin, dance all night thumpin rager. Dudes been inviting big name guests steadily, last time they had Martin Kemp from UK, pictured above next to my boy DJ C$ick.
Not that they really need the support - since they got a tight crew delivering solid bangers all night.
Who's that in that WuTang hoody with the two hot chicks? Could that be one of the first unmasked pics of the Digital V of Dizzy Scars fame? Is there really anyone who is NOT at these Turrbotax parties?
Don't be lazy, stay up past your bedtime on a work night, come out to the next party to the dangerous slums and favelas of Williamsburg - Thursday April 1st. If not for music, at least come out for 2 hours of free booze!
However, if you can't make it to the party, at the very least check them out on their Ustream channel - you won't be disappointed.

Finish off the night with a Donor Kebab Sandwich - place is delicious.


Donde Estero said...

2 hours of free booze

Anonymous said...

2 hours of free Puffy