Free Ghostface Show If Thats Your Thing - NYC

Free shows are like a double edged sword. A) its a cool show and its free but B) its a fuckin mess with a gazilion folks coming thru

Beatnick and K Salaam should be dope tho, live producers with instruments and turntables and shit.


contakt said...

"Doors at 8pm, Show Starts Immediately After"


Hip-Hop shows are always late, then factor in a Wu member and plan on doubling down on the delayed start.

I bet someone an Asahi Tallboy that Ghost doesn't hit the stage before 1am.

Any takers?

Curtis Chorizali said...

eh, i dont know about that. i been to some free shows where the doors open at 8 and show starts immediately after, and when you show up at 10 thinking you're slick and you wont have to wait around, you're told that you're too late.

but i guess that applies more to city shows as opposed to private venues.