A Russian Cyclists shows you how its done

I know that according to thecomeup sliders are not sweet - but fuck that opinion. This russian dude got wicked skills, but I really really enjoy his rollback sliders out. Thumbs up, my friend. Russia on the rise.

Vishneviy's web edit (spring, summer, autumn 2009) from Vishneviy on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

nice tricks, sloppy riding...what happened to style?

Curtis Chorizali said...

i dunno, i dont agree in this case. i would say the dude does have a lil bit of style going on.

Anonymous said...

I guess i can see some style in his riding, especially in those big sliders, but he is still sloppy. its almost seems he's not entirely in control of his bike. I'd wanna see some more fluidity. He's not alone - its a common problem in freestyle MTB, especially when they ride street and vert. big tricks, little style - when it comes to slope-style, the big air helps cover up this short fall.