Diablo, Williamsburg Bridge, Iphone 3GS

Went to Diablo freeride park this saturday - such a good time. Its seems that I'm always too lazy to go because its a 2 hours road trip each way - but once I get there and get to riding I always, ALWAYS wonder as to why I don't do this every single damn weekend, both saturday and sunday. Half way through the day my Magura Louise FR brakes gave up on me - who knew that brake pads need to be replaced more often then tri-yearly. It was some seriouis loud obnoxious and not very effective metal on metal action going on. Ooops. Ordering a set today.
Then, a blister just had to burst and bleed, which pretty much made it impossible to grip the damn handlebars. Ouch!
But I did end up doing this tricky rockface section where its a steep ass slab of stone with cracks and other huge rocks everywhere, trees here and there, and you literally have to aim for this crack here and that crack there and go next to this tree and avoid a death rock of death to the left... all at somewhat speed so you don't just stop dead and flip over the bars, like I did, before succeeding the next run. FUN I tell ya.

Peep the clip - that's us getting ready to shred, early morning.

In other news - C2D now rocks some new technology. Like RZA would say... "Girl you shinin, like that brand new spanking black Glock// or a hundred thousand dollar bills inside a shoebox" - just replace the Glock part with Iphone 3GS and 100 G stack reference with $300 plus tax and you're onto something. Quoting rap lyrics and replacing words in them to create a new meaning is the decoder ring of 2009. Ovaltine is dead, motherfuckers.

Anyway, this sucker captures video and you can toss it up to Youtube on the spot. Which I did this morning. I was wondering if I could capture and upload Williamsburg bridge train ride all while on the bridge and before getting into the tunnel - and I succeeded. I must admit, I love this thing so far. My first Iphone - and I highly approve. Beats the piss out of my Shitberry, thats for sure. Expect more vids/photos in our reportings. Happy monday. Enjoy the sweet weather.


Anonymous said...

Oh great, another blog that slobbers tha iphone cock.

Curtis Chorizali said...

kind of like your mom that slobbered my cock last night - i got it all on video - on my IPHONE!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, 5 years late to the iphone party and 15 years late on the mom jokes.

Curtis Chorizali said...

Didn't know there was a party, my phone died so I got a new one that i'm exicted about - i think you should relax a bit. FIRST time i ever mentioned iphone on this blog. Do you approve of the Diablo freeride park story at least or do you just google "iphone" and hate away?

Retardo Montalban said...

What the hell was I digging in my pocket for? An iPhone, maybe.