Videogames suck aka Playstation 3 - the best of the worst

I like 'em. Apparently most do not. What are you gonna do?
I guess its safe to presume that no one cares that I'm 56% complete with Dirt Tour in Dirt2 - and that's good, I'd like to think that Playstation3 and I have this special bond that no one else shares. Sounds creepy? Sure. Is it fun? Yes.

Speaking of PS3 - it's in the first place with 53%, followed by Xbox360 with 26%. Good. At least people who DO play play the right system. Keep them trigger fingers flexin.

Playstation 3
8 (53%)
Xbox 360
4 (26%)
2 (13%)
PS1,PS2, Xbox
1 (6%)

1 comment:

contakt said...

I think the amount of time I spend on my Xbox360 is enough to make it double the percentage. I seriously have a problem. I am like Pookie for Xbox Live.