Nice Fat Joe Vid, Even Tho Still Not DITC, Still Bangs

Nicely done.

bonus - anyone hyped on this album?

Bonus Bonus

J Dilla feat. Havoc & Raekwon "24K Rap" from der! yo Vimeo.

special gift to the first person that names the sneaker store in dilla video, leave it in the comments with yo info!


sd.ruckus said...

alife rivington club.
-mrruckus. you know me.

Donde Estero said...

hmm, alright, fine print aside i guess we can make this happen. whats your shoe/shirt size?

keep in mind you have to pose and send pic of yourself with said prize for repost

Curtis Chorizali said...

not bad for fat joe... but i really think the actual verses coulda been tighter for such a ill sample