A step back

Now that I have access to a darkroom and negative scanner, its about time I give this analogue thing a try. I've never officially shot film before - a pure digital shooter since my first camera, a 3.2MP canon s30 back in 2001. Maybe I'm tired of the aesthetic ambiguity digital provides. Either way, I welcome this Nikkormat to my stable, and thank the bed stuy Argentinian for lending it to me - its in good hands.


Curtis Chorizali said...


dark room access? what, not gona try to develop film in your bathroom?

how is that Argentinian fella nowday?

Curtis Chorizali said...

i recently got a hold of this puppy, i been meaning to play around with.


a Zenit from early '80s

Gatito Terristo said...

He's doing good, you should visit.

Gatito Terristo said...

oh yea, the university darkroom is free..

Roman Candles said...


donde said...

Ah, coed darkrooms. Fond memories indeed. Giggity