Yowelli ODB Bars

We support Yowelli around here at C2D. Soon the office rig will be sporting some fresh ones. Just need to decide on what stem to run. SO far the Shadow Strike FL is a strongest contender. Light, sexy and has a neat little cutout on the side - and by now pretty much everyone knows how much we love cutouts around these here (bike) parts. Heh.

Here it is pictured.
But whats pictured below is the real meat of this post. I was cyberstalking Yowelli ODB Bars, and amongst the sea of Polish and Canadian forums speaking on the subject I came across a certain Flickr account that contained some pics of the bars pre-welding of the cross bars.
I'm a big fan of the cross-bar-less bars, but what a hell, I'll give it a shot. Thought these pics were neat and I thought that all of you might enjoy them as well.

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