What Valentines Means To You!

How much are gonna spend on Valentine's Day

So, by this we can tell a few things. even though our viewers are all men, they are still hopeless romantics, much like a julia roberts movie. The key is to find what they are romantic for. Bikes, guns, video games, olsen twins abductions. Maybe a few of you have that special someone (27%), but the same percentage are disgusted with the whole thing entirely. Also, the same 27% use duct tape and a windowless van to show their romantic side. Doors that won't open from the inside are a extra touch. The ribbon, wrapping the box of candy if you will. now, if you have that special sound proof room in your basement, thats going a bit too far, unless you like to throw parties of the non-molesting variety. Sound proof is only cool if it keeps out music, NOT the screams of children.

Crafts are a good hobby though. we here at C2D strongly encourage the ol arts&crafts and anything with popsicle sticks, hair, blood, semen, and fecal matter are tasteful in our opinion. photo submissions are also encouraged. No more photos of you in sexy positions with guitar hero and guns though.

Nothing - Ain't no weight holdin me down 4 (18%)
10 0 (0%)
20 2 (9%)
50 2 (9%)
100 0 (0%)
200+ 2 (9%)
Nothing - I'm a girl 0 (0%)
Stupid Yankee holidays 6 (27%)
My stalking victims get nothing but the finest dolls made of toenails and blood 6 (27%)

Votes so far: 22

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Accatone Becchino said...


you know i prefer to have my face photoshopped out when you post my picture online!

now all my baby-mommas are gonna track me down!