AIBLPM and The Cop Street Party Bonanza!

The AIBLPM index for this morning was at a mild 1.11, with Bedford being the danger zone with the most offenses. A pleasant ride with temperature in high 40s, its quite a delightful weather for a refreshing and awakening commute, despite the grey low clouds. Hell, if I could I would just stop on a side of the road, fold out my picnic blanky and get to assembling some samwiches.
But thats today.
What about 2 weeks ago when it was 25F out there for a few days, cold as hell and windy. Would I be so willing to have party roadside style, right in the middle and across the bike lane, with a bunch of my friends? No. No I wouldn't be.
Well, for one, I dont really have any friends. Second, it would be too chilly. And third, I'm not an asshole like some NYPD po-po finest over here.
I mean, honestly, 6 police cruisers, in the row, all parked in the bikelane, po-po hanging out by their cars bullshiting with no sense of urgency at all.
Thanks Finest! Should I remind you that its a $115 ticket for parking in the bike lane or did you already know that?


Modnar Banzai said...

PoPo in the bike lane gets tha LOOGIE!

(on the stealthy-stealth)

Curtis Chorizali said...

oh i've been there. popo did get the loogie, then i got a summons for "spitting in public" 5 blocks away (which was dropped in court) - at least it wasn't for bioterrorism.

Mr. Banzai said...

thass why I sed 'on the Stealthy-Stealth'

Gotta fight the man with Ninja skill or he will take you down like a big mac does a fat girl. (and a diet coke)