How do you take them pics - The Sumup

Well looky here - C2D readers are a tech savvy bunch - DSLR got 38% of the votes - quality is valued! Point and shoot, as expected is on top - that's the weapon of choice around these here parts. 23% of votes for the iPhone - which means there are 4 people other then myself who slob that iPhone knob (even if i did have to personally recruit them from iphonerules.com/forums to vote on this poll)

point and shoot, tiny and dirty 11 (52%)
disposable, nice and cheap 3 (14%)
DSLR, quality all day! 8 (38%)
film camera, analog baby 3 (14%)
cant afford one - i use a cellphone4 (19%)
iphone 3gs, son! 5 (23%)
web cam/ps3 cam/xbox cam cuz i'm a nerd 3 (14%)
video camera? i'm confused 3 (14%)
fuck taking photos 6 (28%)

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