Sarah Palin Promotes A More Entruprenuuurist Condusive Nation

Big ballin is my hobby, so it was only a matter of time before we took c2d to the next level. At first we thought, maybe a used electronics store, or maybe a pawn shop that catered towards sacred artifacts. Nope, that’s not baller status.

Baller status = boutique store.

You know, one of those places where we sit around all day, with our friends, and act like we are better than you, the customer. But that would get boring so we need paintball and airsoft guns to really show our lack of appreciation for buying overpriced clothes and shit

Ok, so not all boutique workers are total assholes, but there quite a few of em. (put your suggestions in the comments)

Right off the bat, we need clothes, bikes and bike parts. Next up, the most important thing is beer. Now that’s a no brainer, but making it available for sale is licensing nightmare im sure, unless we set up shop on a boat in international waters, complete with monkey knife fights.

It does paint a pretty picture, something like old school halcyon (record –coffee- beer – furniture store), but with bikes, ramps, clothes, shoes, and beat battles. Throw a ps3 in there, some turntables, a nice location, and hmm, what else, oh yea – PAYING CUSTOMERS!

sneakers 8 (40%)
clothes 11 (55%)
street/park/dj parts/bikes 12 (60%)
other bike parts/bikes 3 (15%)
music/records/mixes 9 (45%)
audio gear/equipment 2 (10%)
food/drinks 3 (15%)
microbrews/beer 10 (50%)
bike accessories 5 (25%)
toys/video games 3 (15%)
skateboards 3 (15%)
graff/art supplies 6 (30%)
bike services/maintenance 2 (10%)
you MUST have a mini-ramp! 9 (45%)
you MUST have beat battles! 6 (30%)
you MUST be fuckin dumb and crazy! 4 (20%)
yet another NYC Boutique? no thanks! 3 (15%)

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