Get That Money - The Poll

Ok, so maybe we made some bad investments or something, we’re not really sure what happened. Probably all the money we funneled into that boutique store. That didn’t pan out (yet….) and now our domain fees have arrived. Holy shit, they raised the price on us. What, they think we are made of $$?? We thought the ads would help out, but evidently no one cares about scientology or big green boxes. Well, we have some ideas on how to raise some dough, we just want your input, since we are like a family here. And like every family, we are that one member that needs some money, or has a hairbrained scheme to make it big, as long as we don’t get caught.

Bottom line, internet rent just went up by 69 cents, how do we collect those kinda pesos??

Place your bets in the poll

(and feel free to click on some scientology ads)

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