Ipod Zombie Cyclists

Well, thats kinda catchy.
check out the article here

The solution however does not involve direct attacks on the head.


critik said...

be careful, you might get sued by apple.

Accatone Becchino said...

on a somewhat related note....
i just saw Zombieland. and i'm pretty bummed out.
its not a bad movie....its just not a good zombie movie.

actually it is Adventureland with some peripheral zombies. even has the same lead actor.

and while i'm at it...who the fuck does Jesse Eisenberg think he is? Micheal Cera, that's who the fuck he thinks he is. same awkwardness, same delivery, cast for the same characters...fuck that wannabe.

if i was Michael Cera i would fuck that guy up!

seriously!!!! am i the only one to notice this???!:!?!