Best of Cellphone Pics V.6 - Easters Block Beer Tour

Czech and Polish beer are a treat, and they can still be found for cheap if you look in the right place, like, for example, everywhere. There are easily a dozen different kinds at a deli near C2D's East Villa Backyard Hideout. Ranging anywhere from 4.2% to 9.0%, these half liter babies will handle any task, whether its a few lazy grilled sausages for a late lunch or a light rooftop parkour sessions until neighbors below accuse you of being "hugely loud". Do you really expect me to do a running 360 over a 2 foot tall barrier and not make ANY noise on landing? Really? And this is where the beers come in and smooth it all out.

Zywiec is a classy smooth taste. Refreshing and simple, you know what to expect. Its the Heineken of Polish beers - look it up.

Hevelius is a beer from some other country, and it has to do with Astronomer Brewmasters - a group of elders well skilled in beer craft as well as the star game - an activity they have excelled at since 1690's.  At 8.7% its the Hercules of the group and packed the most puch, except for a some weird cloudy shit at the bottom of the bottle. That had to be dumped. 

Next up is Warka, all the way back from 1478. High quality it was.

Svyturys is not your average lager. It's EKSTRA!  So proud are they of the fact that 1784 was the year, they say it twice. Lithuania is the type of place where a beer like this is the most popular. How do I know all of this? I read the label.


donde said...

i think the ekstra put me over the top. that one had so much shit floatin inside it, and the bottle looked like it had been sittin on that bottom shelf for 16 years, all sticky and grimey an shit. i always thought cat hairs were a good sign

Modnar Banzai said...

Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

Nuf' Sed.

Anonymous said...

i want a beer, now.

to donde said...

maybe that "shit" was from your mouth full of food? as for 16 years... thats a shame - because ekstra is one of my favorites (im talking about taste, not the looks of the bottle)!

Donde Estero said...

nice try ANON, but i wasnt eating anything! booom!!

also, that shit was floatin in the bottles when they were still capped.

but if you want to fantasize about shit in mouths, i wont hold that against you. this is a judgement free zone

Curtis Chorizali said...

more ekstra's tnite. i'll report back and tell ya if there is any more floating shit.