Skate 3 Demo + Bonus Hidden Area

I've always been a fan of the Skate series, and it keeps getting better. This new installment has some new shit to play with, my favorite being darksides, which the series has always been lacking in my book. Also, the player physics are entertaining, the bails, the runouts, the sloppy falls. A definite improvement. Now, the free demo is 20 min, but you can restart instantly after the timer runs out, so it doesnt really even effect game play.

It is a bit tortuous at times, as you can see areas off in the distance, but you can't get there. As you start to go out of bounds, the screen gets staticy and eventually resets you back in boundary. Well, over the weekend I noticed a way past the boundary, that pretty much doubles the playable area, which is dope!! A bunch more crazy shit to skate on, after you get bored with the area they explicitly give you.

Now, I aint crafty enough to record a video showing you how to do it, and i'm sure someone else has already done it, so check youtube i guess. But, in words its damn easy. when you start the demo, it spawns you in a courtyard facing a bank (the first challenge). go down the bank and head towards the alley leading to the belltower area. dont go all the way to the tower, just that direction. when you pass the t-mobile building, go left down that alleyway, but stick to the far right of it. It will start to get staticy, and you will think yer gonna get booted, but the static goes away, and you have a massive area to skate on now**. While here, you cannot record, playback, or use spawn points, and at one point it froze up my ps3, but oh well.

Comes out may 11th

**youtube def has plenty links to show ya how to this, and other spots as well.

ah yes, with three seconds left, while in the online play menu, his the playstation menu button that takes you back to PS home screen and wait for jason lee to quit talkin, then go back in and hit  x to restart.   you will spawn in the courtyard by the odd lookin pyramid type thing


donde said...

dammit, now i cant get this to work. i dont know what i did differently than normal, but now i cant get out of bounds. grrrrr

Accatone Becchino said...

a glitch in the matrix?

follow the white rabbit...

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Donde Estero said...

I'm not sure if you understand the concept of this game Julia.