Subrosa Malum


Fast. This puppy is fast. I'm sure there are faster bikes out there, but this is the fastest bike I've ever owned. Granted, my downhill bike can be fast if pointed in the right direction, but not like this. I always ride rapidly, but one can only be so quick on 24" wheels, or better yet 20"s. We're talking wind in the ears riding up Williamsburg bridge @ 20mph fast. How do I know? This guy told me.

The whole fixed gear deal is a trip. I constantly "stop" pedaling to take a second off, but the Subby immediately reminds me that "this aint be a coasting bike, son". Trippy. It's like a god damn exercise bike, I swear. Gearing is a bit high and tough, takes a bit to get it up to speed, but once it's up to cruising speed, its on. Might drop it a tooth or two in the future.

Front brake is a must at this point, since slowing down without it is an adventure. My very first fixed gear ride was a brave journey over Manhattan bridge, and it ended in the most last second panicked awkward brakeless bmx foot jam stopping procedure, while surrounded by Chinatown tourists. I was that guy. For some reason I thought that stopping a brakeless fixed gear would be easier - no better way to learn then to dive in at the deep end, or should I say steep end. Once I got to my destination, I threw a mandatory rolling barspin before I bolted on the brake - no worries. Anyone got any tips on doing some sweet skids?


Stem could be a bit shorter and not as dropped, I'm reaching. Perhaps that's how these bikes are meant to be ridden. I'm told that putting a short (50mm) stem on this thing would make it twitchy, but will it really be any twitchier then a rigid cruiser or a bmx? I guess I'll find out.
I'm also not a big fan of the Shadow grips, I like them softer, and Animal Edwins is where its at anyway.

I immediately outfitted it with some Hold Fast foot straps. They were highly recommended by Prolly, and since he seems to ride his bicycle quite well, I took his word. Plus, they are handcrafted in Brooklyn, and that happens to be my middle name ( introducing myself as Curtis Hand Crafted In Brooklyn Chorizali always makes people alert, as if a punchline is a breath away).


After a few days of riding and a few dozen of the roughest bunnyhops ever unearthed the rear wheel has a handful of loose spokes - might have to go to town with a spoke wrench before I ride this beast out to go eat me some BBQ this fine and sunny NYC afternoon. Expect much more on the bike as I ride it more.

There is never too many bike photos. Blue Whale is sold and gone - so this is THE new commuter - it really needs a name. Any suggestions?


Retardo Montalban said...

Hooray for bikes.

Gatito Terristo said...

ripper... you left out the cost..

Anonymous said...

name her Black Death

Modnar Banzai said...

Get rid of the front brake ya pansy!