It Is That Time Of The Year Again

There is something nice about Roosevelt Island.   The calm, the peacefulness, the abandoned buildings, the medical industrial vibe, the large percentage of mental patients that sneak up on you just as the psychadelics you took earlier are kicking in.   Also, they have a lot of grills and a centrally located grocery store that carries everything you need (except the meat you marinated overnight).  I think the liquor store closed down recently so if daddy needs his medicine he might need to bring it with him.

More than likely, depending on where we get a space, we'll be on the north end of the island setting up around 1 oclockish (aka 2).   Call me day of for details or call the C2D hotline -  347-394-7845

You can ride there by entering from Queens, or you can take the F train, or take the Tramway thing that was in that Sylvester Stallone movie from the 80s (Natalie Portman rode it in the movie The Professional too, but wasnt as iconic as Nighthawks).

So come on out and enjoy this overlooked part of the city.

Where: north end roosevelt island
When: 1 til 6ish i imagine, Sunday May 30th
What:  Tofu skewers vs bbq ribs grill off!!!  and beer

anyone got a radio?

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Boom said...

Sounds awesome! Im there!