Costa Rica - Par Dos - Buggy Edition

One of the highlights of the trip was going on a little off road buggy expedition through the country sides of Monteverde. What I expected to be a slow and boring sight seeing tour along with a dozen lazy tourists ended up being a private super fast and at times dangerous off-road excursion through some wicked trails only accessible by donkeys, on foot and off road rock crawlers. Trails too small for a 4x4 truck and too gnarly for ATV without roll cages.

Honestly, I would be happy doing this every day for the rest of my life and I'm still considering relocating to Costa Rica, purchasing half a dozen of these buggies and setting up shop. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and adventurous, living up his dream. The dude loves what he does.

Towards the end of the journey, it was pitch black out and started to rain quite heavy. My copilot had to constantly wipe the eye shield of my helmet since pulling over for even a second would mean getting lost in god knows where. And that's when our leader suggested we go to his friends bar for a couple of beers. Makes sense. So we drove the buggies to get a few Imperials which hit the spot oh so well. Only in Costa Rica.

We had a quick little pitstop at the top of this hill. Twisted a lil cripi. Good times.
The sunlight was out of this world. Just wait until you see it on video. Orang-ish gold is the only way to describe it.
Most used phrase this day? "Holy fuckin shit, this is unreal. This country is mindblowingy gorgeous."
Thank you for such a great time - I don't remember the name of the guys buggy excursion company, but I will find it and post it up at a later time, along with the video edit. If you ever get the privilege of going to Monteverde in Costa Rica, I will hit you up with the info of the most amazing thing you can do there.

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Costa Rica tours said...

It looks like that everything is on fire but its not. The sun became the painter on this one.