like 3 feet of air that time

Finally bike on the dirt -- actually back on the bike -- for the first time in months a few weekends ago. Nice easy session at the Cunningham pumptrack and the revamped Jetline. The Jetline is running smoother than ever, having come through the winter in great shape, owing to the score of volunteers who came through and rebuilt the whole line over two weekends after some assholes came through and wrecked it over Thanksgiving weekend.

I, on the other hand, did not fare so well over the winter, having spent most of it in the mouse postion at my desk at work and/or drinking beer and cursing all the snow and garbage piling up outside. Didn't have the freaking wherewithall to even make through the whole set on the Jetline, and needed to lay down in the dirt and take a nap between runs. DH season fast approaches, my DH bike is in pieces in the basement of C2D headquarters and I need to put some miles down and get a few pushups under my sagging self to get ready.