March 8th - International Women's Day

Back in Mother Russia, before I could even read, let alone understand this weird Aнглийски language (that's english for you non-russky speakers) 8th of March was as serious of a holiday as it got.

What Valentines day? Never ever heard of that commercial shit. Forget New Years (christmas was only for truly religious freaks, the way it should be), forget WW2 Victory Day. Forget even the holy May 1st Labor day. March 8th was the day that you draw your mom a beautiful picture about how much you love her, the day you get that huge bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend, the day you visit your grandma with a delicious chocolate cake and give her a huge hug.

There were no set rules, no special holiday cards and teddy bears glued to boxes of chocolate. No overpriced flowers just for this day, no freakshows at restaurants. Just real and pure appreciation for all of the women in your life. About as far from a big business Hallmark holiday as you can get.

Ladies, you rock - and we love you!

Happy International Woman's day from Create2Destroy!

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