This One Time - Vol 7 - Ya'll Getting Smashed

The universe must have read my mind. As I was fixing along on my commute to work this morning I thought to myself - haven't seen a cop parked in a bike lane in forever! Perhaps I should just dig into my old photos and try to recollect a story, since its been awhile since last This One Time. Boom! There it was.

As per usual, a series of NYPD towtrucks with victimized cars strapped to their backs stood in front of me. I won't lie. It's a bit chilly this morning, I'm a bit under dressed and I was in a bit of a rush but as any street reporter worth his way in digital photos I had to snap a shot. So I did. One of the tow po-po's saw me do it and yelled something my way. I presumed it was something like "You can't take photos of Police", which is not true. So just to prove to him just how much of a man I am, I casually snapped another photo - and that's when this fella starts walking towards me.

The thrill seeker in me got his fill and I didn't really want to stick around to see what this guy wanted to talk about upclose. The tow maide saw that and began his speech.

Tow Maide: You know what photo would be even better?

Me: Whats that?

Tow Maide: A photo you'll take right after getting a ticket for running a redlight.

Me: Trust me, I check for cops before running red lights.

Tow Maide: Just wait, you'll get yours.

Me: I already have. It's a war out there.

Tow Maide: And ya'll are getting smashed.

Best part? The whole exchange was all smiles for both of us, the kind where you feel pitty for the other person.

He's right. It's a losing war, but the battles sure are fun. And I'm going to get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames, alright.

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C-Sick said...

There's a war goin on outside it aint safe kid