Ray's MTB Park in Newark NJ?

There has been some rumors going around that Ray's MTB Park may open in the dirty jerz. If that is true, that is some of the best news ever. We will be there. Alot.


Donny Diamantes said...


Curtis Chorizali said...


Ryan Scott said...

Found this blog doing an image search for Ray's box room. I live in the Philly area and take a few trips to Cleveland every winter just for Ray's. I got really excited when I read your post about one in NJ, so I immediately called the one in Cleveland to check. He said they're really busy between Cleveland and Milwaukee and they don't have any plans for opening any other locations at the time. Where'd you hear the rumor?

Also, I was looking for a photo of the box room to reference how crazy some of the transfers my friend was doing in a video he just made. Take a look. Nuts.

Ryan Scott said...

Sorry, here's the link


Curtis Chorizali said...

where else does one find a good rumor? the internet of course! read about it on a few forums - with a little bit of wishful thinking its almost like a fact.

dope gopro video btw, def will post it up! don't know how i'm still a Ray's virgin.