The Food Life: V37 - Duck

Beautiful pan seared duck with some homemade orecchiette cooked to perfection. Each one of the duck breasts were a good pound and a half before cooking. Pasta dressed with some sauce based on cheese water (making which involves an unholy process of boiling cheese in some water to extract flavor and leave the gooey mess behind). Charred broccoli to top it all off. All we do is win over here. Food is king.

Do you enjoy The Food Life series? Yummy, no? Let us know in the comments!

(side note: in the process of buying the duck, C2D makes a cameo appearance on The Next Food Network Star reality show - stay glued to your tv sets to get your mind blown)


Stoked said...

I approve the food series. I'm hooked on most of the shows on food network. Fuck the cupcake wars though.

Donny Diamantes said...

Stoked laying low lately. Hope to catch you at the trails again soon.

Lol. My word verification is "STEAZ"