Costa Rica - Part Uno

C2D's Costa Rican Excursion was a great success. In the following weeks expect to see more photos and a few vid edits. Lil Gopro HD was strapped to our truck, off road buggies, ziplines, surfboards and wet hands. In the past C2D has sent us off to the Tokyos, Amsterdams and Rio de Janeiros of the world, but I must admit, this trip topped them all. It goes without saying that its nearly impossible to relate the beauty of the countrysides and people through photos and videos, but we will try. If you plan on heading to Costa Rica, ask us, we can definitely recommend quite a itinerary for you to follow as we covered over 1100km on and off road. Monteverde, San Jose, Mal Plais, Santa Theresa, Montezuma, Dominical, Jaco - just to name a few spots we hit up. In our travels we came across a few characters who helped us along the way. We got the hookups, worldwide. Special thanks goes out to Donnie aka Cripi, Vertical Time, Hare Krishna aka Dragonfly and Byron the Don. Right things were done right. Hope you enjoy the captured moments.

Apparently its legal to drink and drive. Or so we were told until we found out that it wasn't true at the end of our trip - guess we got lucky :) Speeding tickets are $450usd for 10km over speed limit. Heavy.
Our Dihatsu Teros was not available, so we settled on this beast of a 4runner. Love this truck. Note the Gopro on the hood.
Costa Rica - the land of a million sunsets. Beautiful.
Sand so soft. Water and sky so blue. Cripi so harsh.


Anonymous said...

Thanks C2D for all of your travel advice. I follow your step by step itinerary's for all my vacations. Looks like Costa Rica's next. Im all about the sun, frijoles, and brown women.

May I offer a travel recommendation-- check out New Jersey,,, seems its the next Babylon. Put yr mutha f*ckin hands in the air!!!


Donde Estero said...

Is there still a shitload of abandoned buildings in Asbury Park? I'm down for that road trip.

Donde Estero said...

Or Essex Mountain insane asylum

Donde Estero said...

or this place http://www.thegingerbreadcastle.com/

Donny Diamantes said...

Don't forget about midgetville or whatever the fuck...