Bike Shorts and Bootleg Sessions 2

Bike Short films and premiere of Bootleg Sessions 2. Neat. Should be fun.


Spray Like A Mac-10 Not A Deuce Deuce

You can pretty much put anything up against GI Joe video clips and more than likely I'll be very entertained (like the FenslerFilm PSAs). So I was more than excited when Accatone sent this dub/grime one my way. Plus, it uses clips from the Synthoid Conspiracy episodes.


The Food Life: Vol 2

More grilling - why not.
Welcome to the second edition of The Food Life. More steak, more beer. Life is good.

Bedford Avenue to Go Car-Free Four Saturdays This Summer

Brooklynites fretting that their borough would be excluded from this summer's car-free fun can rest easy. For four consecutive Saturdays beginning on July 19, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg will be closed to cars from Metropolitan Avenue to North Ninth Street from noon to 7 p.m.

"Williamsburg Walks" is spearheaded by Billburg.com in association with neighborhood merchants and residents, Transportation Alternatives and DOT (though it's not officially part of the Summer Streets rollout). As organizers are taking pains to point out, the event is not a street fair -- no scheduled events, no tents, no tube socks -- but an opportunity for locals to enjoy public space free of auto traffic. Said coordinator Connie Colvin to the Brooklyn Paper:

“It’s really an experiment of letting the community take over the streets ... People can sit out in the street and do whatever they’d like. We expect for it to be a reflection of the area and the community — the artistic community, the Polish community, the Latino community.”

Thanks to streetsblog.org for the info


This Ones A Fuckin Banger!

Common + Pharrell = mo hot shit

Universal Mind Control

High Line Project

Surely you know about the abandoned railroad tracks going through the west side, Chelsea area. They've been abandoned since 1980. Well, finally something is happening with that - and I cant wait.
This project looks ambitious and awesome. Hopefully it will be completed in the allotted time line.


Know Before Noon I'll Be On My Third Beer.....

Sweeney Kovar put me on to this dude, and I ain't gonna front, all I've heard from Danny Brown came from SK. Yeah it's Detroit. Yeah there is some Dilla in there. Yeah there is some Madlib too. But it feels nice, fresh, and raw (like sushi). I'm sure there are folks out there like, "Yo Donde, there is more out there than Detroit you know." No shit, and fuck you.

"Hot cup a ramen might last me a day, broke and ain't ate shit since yesterday"

This here is the song that had me hooked. I had this shit on the train playin back to back. Bushwick to the city to Bed Stuy. Just loopin the fucker. Listen and enjoy.

Also, peep the following:

Nick Speed Shit

Nick Speed Shit Remix with Phat Kat and Big Herk

Madlib Shit

Marv One and Chips D'Nero Shit

Oh, and I guess while I'm jackin Sweeney Kovar, lemme throw in some of his other links:

Shawn Jackson - Houseshoes beat



And the Shawn Jackson shit that had me since day One

Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade 2008

The Swedes Are Coming

It doesn't seem like too many saw Be Kind Rewind, since every time I talk about it I get blank stares. Well, check that shit out people. One byproduct of this movie are the "Sweded" films, and all the folks contributing to the Swede scene. Yeah, are good chunk of them are complete shit, but oh well, there are some good ones in there too. You can get the idea here. And see all the homemade other shit here. The X-Wing fight scenes here are pretty amazing too.

KHE Mac2 24" Park Tire, 480g!

Nice. At 480g its 80g lighter then the already light Schwalbe Table Top 24" Folding tire. Dang.
These should be perfect for street/park and super quick for just general tearing around town. Super pricey for a bicycle tire, but well worht it, if its anything like the Mac's on my 20".



The Bling-Bling Era Was Cute But It's About To Be Done

Tonite, Monday June 24th at Midnight, swing by the Fat Beats store and check out Immortal Technique doing an in-store appearance. Pick up his new album, 3rd World. Hardcore fans no doubt will show up with AK-47's and Molotov Cocktails to be autographed (I know I will).

One June Evening


The Food Life: Vol. 1

Would like to introduce a new series to you - The Food Life.
Here we'll be taking a good look at some fun with things you can eat. Keep checking back, its serious business over here.
This volume we're dealing with a lil bit of a Lower East Side grillin. Salt/Pepper, Nice Cut - done medium rare, toasted Onion Wheels. At least 2 varieties of beer, Local and Foreign.
Grill Life 4 Life.

Redbull Experiment BMX World Record Event - THE PICTURES


The New Firefox 3 is Out

Firefox Download

"Are you ready to make history? Are you ready to set a World Record? Today is Download Day. To become part of the official Guinness World Record you must download Firefox 3 by 17:00 UTC on June 18, 2008, or roughly 24 hours from now."

You heard the man, now do it. Its neat.

The Official Texas Republican Merchandise

These pins were sold at a Texas Republican Convention a week ago by an official convention vendor. We're not talking some dude in the parking lot - this one is official. Pretty nice eh?


Fried Dumplings and Ramen

Damn. Some killer fried dumplings around Columbus Park in Chinatown. Five of them for $1. You know the spot I'm talking about - I'm sure it has a name, but who cares. Amazing. So so tasty and so so "healthy" - its the real deal. I love it.

Then followed by some fierce Ramen noodles on E5th st, between Ave A and Ave B. As always, I cant remember the name of the place but its official. 8$ gets you a huge tasty filling soup.

Food is Good.


How On Earth Could This Go Wrong

Oddly enough, following the same methods as Jurassic Park, scientists are working with chickens to recreate some dinosaurs. I can't wait. What a way to revive the economy, a dinosaur theme park with real dinosaurs. The article is here.

If real life were to recreate another movie, what do you think would be the most entertaining. My vote goes to Running Man.