AIBLPM and another Magnum

AIBLPM rate was at a pretty good 1.38 this morning, which was a great improvement from 2.22 Friday afternoon - I'm telling you, AIBLPM is best taken in the morning, by the time its "leave work time" people are wild and do anything and everything.

Went to the Orphanage Moped Shop in Greenpoint this saturday, got some good info. Been snooping around Craigslist, and found a sweet '77 Lazer I wanted to cop. Delivered for lil over 300..... I should have pulled the trigger but didn't. Something just didn't feel right - and with things like this, one can't rush.

Meanwhile - check out how fresh and clean this Magnum is.... can you say, damn.......?

Pier 62 Concrete Skatepark makes my underpants wet

I know this is reality, but I must go see this with my own eyes before I believe it.
Concrete bowls in Manhattan, what? Bikes better be allowed - or there will be much rioting.
Anyone know when its opening up?
Thank you to BrooklynBikeRiders for the letting me steal the pics.


the weather is sweet

and the sun is shining - at least in this new edit yoni just sent me.

Anson BMW ACL bikecheck

Caught up with Anson YoWelli Wellington recently and he had some nice words to say about his signature frame Brooklyn Machine Works ACL - and the bike built around it. Been meaning to get a bike check from him for awhile - for the amount of abuse Anson dishes out to this ride, it remains set up crispy and feels tight like a drum. The second you get on it, you feel right at home. The fork might seem a bit steep, but the bars balance it out quite lovely.

Here is what Anson had to say:

"I like my Brooklyn ACL, it's everything I want in a bike, it's responsive, strong, and doesn't nag me (like needing repairs every month). Its pretty lite at 27lbs with solid parts, I can easily get it sub 25 or even 24 but I want to feel secure, you know, don't want to worry when I bail or when I throw it at the ground. I recently put pegs on cause I've been riding more street than dirt on it lately (yes I actually ride the trails sometimes) and it feels solid on the grinds. The geo is tight too so big hops and spins can go down without blowing out a hernia. I love my bike not to sound soft but it puts a good feeling in my heart when I ride it, just point and shoot."

frame : Brooklyn Machine Works ACL
forks : Dobermann Tchork
front wheel : Atomlab pimplite
rear wheel : Atomlab pimp
front tire : Tioga FS 100s
rear tire : Tioga FS 100s
brakes : N/A
hubs : Atom lab BMX rear, Demolition Mary Kate Front
stem : BMW Shifty Miget
bars : Yowelli ODB (OverDoneBrakeless) Bar
headset : Colony integrated
cranks : Atomlab General Issue
sprocket : Animal Sprocky Balboa
chain : Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Chain V2 (The Original Halflink Chain)
pedals : Animal Plastic Steve Hamilton
seat : Animal Cush Seat "A"
seatpost : Animal Wedge Post
pegs: Animal


C2D rooftop jam

C2D had a rooftop jam fun party gathering recently, Bushwick rooftop style. Summer evening in Brooklyn are something else. Some harsh rain for a few hours, to break up the intensely humid afternoon, meant that the air was nice and fresh and perfect for some brew, grew and bikes on the roofy-roof. Couple of celebs showed up. Peep Anson Yowelli Wellington in some of the shots. Professor Germ and Digital V of the Dizzy Scars fame made an appearance. Props to Yon The Don aka Gatito Terristo, who is swiftly outgrowing his intern role, and is becoming a resident photog. Props to Loteks for making fun and exciting shoes, eventhough the black pinstripe fell off and is red now - booooo!

A Flat ain't THAT bad!!!

So, below are the results of our weekly poll - You got a flat, what do you do?!

dump your bike + steal a car (take cab) 1 (5%)
fix it on the spot - patch kits rule 3 (16%)
take it to the nearest bike shop 2 (11%)
take it home - fix it there 6 (33%)
call a cop - there's been an accident 1 (5%)
walk home cursing - fix it in 6 months 4 (22%)

Apparently, only one of us is an adult and has a car. Thumbs up, oldie!
Most popular solution is to take the bike home, then fix a flat over a cold brew, not bad, not bad. I used to do that and still do sometimes, but only if I'm really tired or its very late/dark out. Otherwise - the trusty patch kit comes out and the job is done in less then 10 minutes (as long as there is a pump/gas station nearby).I prefer the above Shadow Conspiracy glueless patches - but the "old fashion" below ones work A-ok everytime.

A good chunk of people, 22% in fact, would walk home cursing, lean the upset bike against the wall and make plans to fix that pesky flat before the next summer rolls around, afterall, riding a bike is such a pain in the ass you dont want to do it too often.
Taking it to a bikeshop is another solution, but honestly, why would you really want to do that. Buy a pump, that will last your a lifetime. Buy a patchkit, that will cost you 2$, buy a sixpack of beer (this will potentially last you 6 patch jobs) - and off you go. Beer is cruicial - it will keep you cool and calm, especialy if you're not a tube patchin pro like me.
Good luck - say no to getting flats fixed at a bikeshop or walking home - say YES to fixing a flat on the spot la el niente style.


More Puch Magnums + AIBLPM for 8/26/09

I'm ebaying everything I can, just to clear some "mental + emotional" room for one of these puppies. Just won't feel right having a new toy without getting rid of some of the old ones....

AIBLPM rate is at a 0.55 this morning. Pretty good, pretty good. What if a car doesn't park in a bike lane, but instead uses it as a high speed passing lane - yep, we count that too.


the Next TURRBOTAX party is here!

September 3rd at HUGS in willyburg - be there!

AIBLPM is born

Ahhh. What a refreshing Tuesday morning, and while my ride in was short, how unbelievably uplifting it was, what a perfect way to be awakened. After a hot and humid night of a nonstop AC worship its nice to set out on a daily work commute and only sweat due to physical activity, not mere existence. A nice breeze, blue sky, dry pavement, fresh pair of legs, tires at their optimum pressure, cars parked in bikelanes.... It was that last element which made me derive a new system, a new formula, if I may so say, to figure out just how pleasant of a work commute it was.
Thus, the AIBLPM was born. AIBLPM might be a mouthful to pronounce and a mindful to remember, but once you know that it stands for Assholes In Bikelanes Per Mile, it will stick. One could also use Autos instead of the horrid A-word, however that leaves the character of these people out of the description, and therefore should only be used when describing the term to preteens and law officials.

Now, how do I figure this ratio out and how can it help? Read on.

I have a superswift bicycle computer attached to my ride. Knog Nerd its called. My rapid commute to work is exactly 3.6 excitement filled miles, which take me from Bedstuy, Brooklyn to Dumbo, Brooklyn where I make my paper. AIBLPM is simply a calculation of the number of drivers in need of a parking space RIGHT in the middle of a bike lane divided by the number of miles of my trip to work.

Example - today the rate is 0.83 - since I managed to see 3 bike lane parkjobs within the distance of my commute - 3/3.6 = 0.83. Pretty simple. I expect this to be the average.

How will it help you? Well, that's up to you. Perhaps you can look at my findings, daily, and compare it to yours - just to see if your commute was really THAT bad. Perhaps, as a driver, you'll look at the rate and feel shame. Who knows. For me, I will try to figure out which days are best, which days are worse and simply report it to you, the reader.

Why measure it in the morning you ask, as opposed to say, commute home, where surely there are more cars to block the very few designated paths. Good question. Well, first thing in the morning, between 7 and 8, is when you catch, in my opinion, the pure offenders. People who do it because they have no fuckin idea, as opposed to because their job or fatigue dictates it. People who think that bike lanes are just another great idea - a designated double parking lane, a whole block long - just for them, or better yet, an extra passing lane.....why not?

Just as a note, if a bike lane parked car barely touches a bikelane - it does not count. A car has to be completely blocking a bike lane - preferably with a parking spot RIGHT next to it - for some extra asshole points. While my commute is rather short, the number of cars in bikelanes is often shocking, hence why I think this is a good representation.

I commute daily - and it will be my duty to bring you the AIBLPM ratio on a regular bases - otherwise there is no point.


The Food Life: Vol 14

eggs over easy, homefries and toast. steak, garlic mash and corn. french toast, scrabled eggs w/gouda. lamb and rice stuffed peper.


Dom Kennedy riding a bmx bike and rapping

never heard of this rapster before - but he has a groovy flow and a heavy beat to make the lacing process el perfecto, chica. me gusto mucho. stolen from hoodhappy bloggy blog.

8 Days To Survive A Zombie Outbreak

That's what it boils down to, 8 days. In a new Infectious Disease Modeling Research publication, some mathematicians worked it all out for us, take a look over here at the article WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK!: MATHEMATICAL MODELLING OF AN OUTBREAK OF ZOMBIE INFECTION

“An outbreak of zombies infecting humans is likely to be disastrous, unless extremely aggressive tactics are employed against the undead. While aggressive quarantine may eradicate the infection, this is unlikely to happen in practice. A cure would only result in some humans surviving the outbreak, although they will still coexist with zombies. Only sufficiently frequent attacks, with increasing force, will result in eradication, assuming the available resources can be mustered in time.”

Good times!

new Beany Sigel shayzah

Haven't really felt any Beany in a long long time - but this is fresh, and the vid is crispy. Peep all the weaponry Accatone, boom boom.

Aint nobody getting money, they just getting by//
Trying to supress the poverty by getting high//
Some search the bottle for what they cant find in God//
An empty stomach and a gun equals homicide//

good shit beans..... or i guess i should say, good shit, Beans.... so it doesnt seem like i'm talking about shit beans, which would be gross. boom.


Nice....But Could Use A Bit More Daggerin....

looks like its done by the same folks who did the Dutty Wine vid (or at least a bit inspired by). Can't wait to make it down to Jamaica next week..


i want.


Dasha Shishkin - menlikethat - Gallery Opening

I've been to a few of her openings, and seen alot of her work - I love it, and I'm sure you will also. Check it out if you can.

September 11 - October 17, 2009

Opening reception: Thrusday, September 10, 6-8 pm

Zach Feuer Gallery is pleased to present the gallery's first exhibition of work by Dasha Shishkin.

The artist's economy of line, coupled with her use of bright blocks of color, create intricate compositions that vary from complex scenes of human interaction to patterning and design void of human figures.

Shishkin often uses found materials employing their imperfections and the existing image as a catalyst for her work. Alternating between obliterating and accentuating the found image with acrylic, crayon, ink and graphite, the artist transforms the repeating designs on fragments of wallpaper and fabric into complex images of the life cycle.

Re-occurring visual motifs in Shishkin's work on chintz are found in the work on canvas. These works are first painted gold to emphasize the imperfections in the canvas which then give shape to scenes of sensory overload capturing the romance, eroticism, humor and violence. The artist presents herself as benevolent creator, witness, and detached teller, but not a judge. As such, Shishkin does not narrate the stories from which the images come, but presents them to the viewer to decode.

Dasha Shishkin was born 1977 in Moscow and now lives and works in New York. She has participated in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; P.S. 1, New York; the Kunsthalle Hamburg and the Kunsthalle Vienna. Her work is represented in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich; Hamburger Kunsthalle; The Dallas Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. This autumn, Shishkin's work will be featured in the exhibition Embrace at the Denver Museum of Art.
530 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

We're Just Hangin Out...

Street Pedalers to Upgrade???

Curtis was spotted slashing streets of Uruguay on a 50cc monster? What? Peep the knuckles hand grip - finger on a brake? Da fak outta hea.....

Don't get all upset - the Street Pedalers crew will still be locking it and rocking it down any two wheeled style no matter what....


Poll Results: Apocalypse Weaponry

the results are in....did you choose wisely? or are you doomed to wander the apocalyptic wasteland with your chosen weapon shoved up your ass sideways by Lord Humongous?

Nothing: 0%

wisely, our readers realized that going into the end of the world bare handed is the equivalent of facing the zombie hordes armed with a Supersoaker full of urine...

Axe, Bat, or other Blunt Object: 0%

sure, the Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher is great for disposing of old entertainment centers in the backyard (see above), but fighting your way thru hordes of starving mobs for the last can of dogfood is going to be a lot of work. besides, most guns, when out of ammo, become a club anyways....

Pistol: 14%

while a handgun is a necessity in today's grimy urban landscape, it may be a poor choice for the unknown future. ammo conservation is going to be a primary concern, and handguns require getting up close and personal to make effective hits. have you seen the Road Warrior? do you want to be within pistol range of the Feral Child? or up on a hilltop raining in death upon the mongoloid survivors or a nuclear holocaust?

Shotgun: 14%

once again, although hollywood likes to make us think that the shotgun unleashes a swath of destruction on everything in its path, reality is a bit more subdued. like the pistol, shotguns lack range and hold little ammo. if the apocalypse of your dreams is swarmed with duck, geese, grouse, doves, and flying squirrels than you just might make it with a shotgun...

Submachine Gun: 14%

my preferred weapon for a Zombie Uprising, the SMG will suffice for end of the world duty in a pinch. basically a shoulder-fired pistol, you can squeeze out a lot more accuracy with the SMG, and extend your range to a hundred meters. 30 round mags are the norm for this class of weapon, making this a compact ball of fury that can work wonders on a crowd at close-quarters. however, other than reduced size, you're not getting any advantage over an assault rifle.
the above comments do not apply to machine pistols (Glock 18, Mac10, Uzi pistol), only to SMGs with stocks and an option for semi-auto fire (MP5, AR15 9mm, Uzi).

Hunting Rifle: 21%

despite the lack of "cool factor," the hunting rifle is a good choice if you plan on shooting more 4-legged than 2-legged varmints. which is a good idea, unless you plan on resorting to cannibalism in the first week (like me). while not capable of a high rate-of-fire, don't forget that the difference between a hunting rifle and a sniper rifle is how many Carlos Hatchcock books the operator has read...
head shots at 500+ meters beats smelling the putrid apocalypse-breath of your opponent at arms-length (again, remember the Feral Child. ick.)

AK47 / AR15: 35%

its the end of the world. its fucking war. what do soldiers carry in war? fucking rifles!
there are numerous internet forums full of slobbering retards to argue the merits of the AK versus the AR platform. but if the shit hits the fan, pick up whatever one you can get your hands on and start pumping rounds into the faces of any motherfucker who has gas, grub, or a teenage daughter (all valuable trade commodities in the world of the future).
AK47s, like cockroaches & twinkies, are the most likely to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic wasteland. but an AR15 with a spare parts kit will give you 2-300 yards of accurate range over an AK.

The Apocalypse, like a side-scrolling video game from the 80's, is most likely going to require that you start with shit and take better weapons from your slain foes. but its never too late to start stockpiling, so get what you can now and have one less thing to worry about when 1/4 of the earth's remaining population are Feral Children. with razor-boomerangs. seriously.

*props to Yoni for the pics that don't look like shit*

A sexual lady riding reckless on a cycle

I give this video 1.5 flaming thumbs up. Panty shots are always a good look in my book. Respek.


Curtis Spotted In Disguise In Brooklyn While Wishing He Was Still In Brazil

Your not fooling anyone, sorry the vacation is over.

King Of New York 2009 Pics

Good times

After party?

We Eat So Many Shrimp...

You see the size of these puppies. Spicy Jamaican pepper shrimp. Blazin hot!!


AK Style

Take a peak and concentrate on this page

so that ya'll will come through and make tomorrow rowdy rowdy

holler holler...

(fuckin sharp as hell lookin too!!)