AIBLPM and another Magnum

AIBLPM rate was at a pretty good 1.38 this morning, which was a great improvement from 2.22 Friday afternoon - I'm telling you, AIBLPM is best taken in the morning, by the time its "leave work time" people are wild and do anything and everything.

Went to the Orphanage Moped Shop in Greenpoint this saturday, got some good info. Been snooping around Craigslist, and found a sweet '77 Lazer I wanted to cop. Delivered for lil over 300..... I should have pulled the trigger but didn't. Something just didn't feel right - and with things like this, one can't rush.

Meanwhile - check out how fresh and clean this Magnum is.... can you say, damn.......?


contakt said...

Damn, that magnum looks sweet.

My AIBLPM this AM: 4.167

Yes, you read that correctly. I would hazard a guess that Bowery btw Houston and Canal has the most bike lane blockage in the city or is second only to Flatbush in front of Junior's Cheesecake.

Curtis Chorizali said...

yea, its almost not fair to measure the AIBLPM anywhere on Houston/Canal/Bowery/2nd Ave. its off the charts over there.


Anonymous said...

put put vroom