New Mix From Contakt To Hype You Up For Turrbotax This Thursday

Contakt - August 2009 Mix by Turrbotax
0:00 – Joker, Jakes, L-Vis 1990 – 3Klane (Dubblestep Edit)
1:51 – Emvee – Glitch Dub
3:57 – Gemmy – Rainbow Road
5:47 – Hot City – Hot City Bass
7:39 – Hackman – Pistol in Your Pocket
9:30 – Darkus Beat Company – Promises (Roska Remix)
12:45 – Geeneus w/ Katy B – As I (Skepta Remix)
15:04 – Hot City – Sweat
17:13 – TRG – Move Dis
20:14 – Brackles – Lizards
22:44 – Vishnu – Power of Love
27:26 – The Heavy – How You Like Me Know (Joker Remix)

Dan Bowhers Trials Bonanza el Fresco

A fresh new edit from our Create2Destroy team rider Dan Bowhers. He kills them tech lines on his BMW Park frame. When I asked him for a little description or intro for the clip, he simply said "I rode my bike". Is he a man of few words, or is he just trying to be too cool for school, playing the whole "I just ride my bike, man" card? Who knows. Watch the damn clip and tell us if you think he's worthy of our full C2D sticker sponsorship. Thumbs up Dan.
P.S. Loving that little Greepoint park, money!

Untitled from Dan Bowhers on Vimeo.

Zombie Nation

A new little zombie title comming out for Playstation 3. Could be a fun little time killer for $10. What yall think? I know there is some zombie fans on here...

Sand Animation by Kseniya Simonova

This is pretty ridiculous. Never seen this animation technique before. My sister forwarded this clip my way, and its from a Ukrainian TV show "Ukraine Got Talent". For those of you who do not speak Russian and can't understand the radio broadcast or never been to Moscow and don't recognize the landmarks, the small animation follows 1941 - 1945 period, the World War 2. Enjoy.


Free Ghostface Show If Thats Your Thing - NYC

Free shows are like a double edged sword. A) its a cool show and its free but B) its a fuckin mess with a gazilion folks coming thru

Beatnick and K Salaam should be dope tho, live producers with instruments and turntables and shit.


Just Another Day In NYC...

I'm indifferent


plus some LA sneaker shoppin:

And to get you pumped for Turrbotax this week:

and so you'll fit in you can practice this jammer.....jus leave the glowstix at home (or at the bar)



Magura Brake Pads

Man, I sure got my $$$ worth from these brake pads. Metal on metal sounds soooo lovely and functions even better! Eeeek!

Bass Banger Messaround Mix From C-Sick

If any ya'll want it. Preview of some of the Turrbotax type tunes to come next Thursday.

A Russian Cyclists shows you how its done

I know that according to thecomeup sliders are not sweet - but fuck that opinion. This russian dude got wicked skills, but I really really enjoy his rollback sliders out. Thumbs up, my friend. Russia on the rise.

Vishneviy's web edit (spring, summer, autumn 2009) from Vishneviy on Vimeo.

Nothing like cooking dinner at home, cozy

My favorite thing to do.


New Turrbotax Event Thurs Oct1st With Free Beer And Ghosts On Tape

It's that time again...

XLR8R Magazine & Asahi Beer Present:

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
106 N. 6th, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
With Special Guest:
Ghosts On Tape (Wireblock/Ramp)

Video City

Featuring the east coast debut of Californian party smasher and sampler genius Ghosts On Tape! Hot on the heals of his "Predator Mode" single on the hotly tipped Scottish Wireblock imprint, Ghosts on Tape will bring his trademark LIVE blend of Ghettohouse/ UK Funky / Detroit Techno / Juke / Baile Funk / 'ardcore / kuduro / B-More / Acidhouse--- er... basically every kind of great dirty warehouse-moving music in a huge hardware based A-bomb of party- do not miss this!! Free Asahi

See more over at turrbotax.wordpress.com

Facebook Invite



Dirt 2 made me do it

all of these are taken and hand picked by C2D interns. thanks! yep, this game is ill.


Nice Fat Joe Vid, Even Tho Still Not DITC, Still Bangs

Nicely done.

bonus - anyone hyped on this album?

Bonus Bonus

J Dilla feat. Havoc & Raekwon "24K Rap" from der! yo Vimeo.

special gift to the first person that names the sneaker store in dilla video, leave it in the comments with yo info!

Baatin Tribute Mix From Waajeed

I Think I'll Write A Rhyme, When I'm Done Get Blunted...

I'm sure a lot of our viewers are already on this, cuz it's wicked fuckin awesome, and so are they. If not, join madlib on a journey in the stacks at Trojan Records.

Madlib: Blunted In The Bomb Shelter

Anonymous is Hating (on the iphone)

This is the official second mention of the Iphone on this blog in 2 years, both in one morning - which pretty much means we are yet another blog slobbering on the Iphone cock, as Anonymous has mentioned(read comments from below post for details).

I personally always thought of an Iphone as a female - so in my case, I'm slobbering on Iphones pussy/ass, spit and drool everywhere, I got that damn cellular telephone wide open with wicked techniques. Call me Vdoodles, the iCunningulus guru.

Annonymous, you seem to know this stuff, at what point does the slobbering stops and fucking begins? Or am I already being fucked with the overpriced gadget and high AT+T bills to follow? Is that a good metaphor? Any other gems?

I kinda thought the point was to upgrade your phone when it breaks, to get something better, newer, if one is so inclined and if you can afford it. Let a first few versions of a new product to drop, then pick up a third improved version. If it looks neat, and everyone says its neat, perhaps it could really be neat?

Apparently, there was a Iphone party 5 years ago - eventhough it only first came out mid June 2007. Perhaps annonymous was referring to a super early prelaunch party that happend and he was one of the lucky few to have VIP tickets to it or something? I don't know.

Sounds like someone is hating, or perhaps has 1.5 years left in that ol' Sprint contract. Or perhaps that Iphone clone knockoff that came free with the Family plan is not as nice as the real deal? Whatever it is, the hate is strong enough to spread on random bloggy blogs.


Diablo, Williamsburg Bridge, Iphone 3GS

Went to Diablo freeride park this saturday - such a good time. Its seems that I'm always too lazy to go because its a 2 hours road trip each way - but once I get there and get to riding I always, ALWAYS wonder as to why I don't do this every single damn weekend, both saturday and sunday. Half way through the day my Magura Louise FR brakes gave up on me - who knew that brake pads need to be replaced more often then tri-yearly. It was some seriouis loud obnoxious and not very effective metal on metal action going on. Ooops. Ordering a set today.
Then, a blister just had to burst and bleed, which pretty much made it impossible to grip the damn handlebars. Ouch!
But I did end up doing this tricky rockface section where its a steep ass slab of stone with cracks and other huge rocks everywhere, trees here and there, and you literally have to aim for this crack here and that crack there and go next to this tree and avoid a death rock of death to the left... all at somewhat speed so you don't just stop dead and flip over the bars, like I did, before succeeding the next run. FUN I tell ya.

Peep the clip - that's us getting ready to shred, early morning.

In other news - C2D now rocks some new technology. Like RZA would say... "Girl you shinin, like that brand new spanking black Glock// or a hundred thousand dollar bills inside a shoebox" - just replace the Glock part with Iphone 3GS and 100 G stack reference with $300 plus tax and you're onto something. Quoting rap lyrics and replacing words in them to create a new meaning is the decoder ring of 2009. Ovaltine is dead, motherfuckers.

Anyway, this sucker captures video and you can toss it up to Youtube on the spot. Which I did this morning. I was wondering if I could capture and upload Williamsburg bridge train ride all while on the bridge and before getting into the tunnel - and I succeeded. I must admit, I love this thing so far. My first Iphone - and I highly approve. Beats the piss out of my Shitberry, thats for sure. Expect more vids/photos in our reportings. Happy monday. Enjoy the sweet weather.

B'day party 2009 - pics that go BOOM

Videogames suck aka Playstation 3 - the best of the worst

I like 'em. Apparently most do not. What are you gonna do?
I guess its safe to presume that no one cares that I'm 56% complete with Dirt Tour in Dirt2 - and that's good, I'd like to think that Playstation3 and I have this special bond that no one else shares. Sounds creepy? Sure. Is it fun? Yes.

Speaking of PS3 - it's in the first place with 53%, followed by Xbox360 with 26%. Good. At least people who DO play play the right system. Keep them trigger fingers flexin.

Playstation 3
8 (53%)
Xbox 360
4 (26%)
2 (13%)
PS1,PS2, Xbox
1 (6%)


Best of CellPhone PIcs v.1

hold on, give me a chance....these are NOT going to be pictures of my cock (those are on my other blog www.ingloriousbasterdcock.blogspot.com)

maybe cell phone pics are lame....i dunno...i'm still kind of revelling in the thrill of it without being that asshole who's always taking pics with his cell phone.


random PHX graff

when my dogs do graff

random action pics & casual trespass

its the jack-jack-j-j-j-jack-ja-jack-WHATTTT

just plain silliness

custom gun design....by retards

vegas trip with Csick & Ruckus

scenic AZ shit

i'll spare you the dozens of cute dog pics that compromise 95% of my cell phone collection (or maybe that's vol.2......)

i wonder how many people will actually check if www.ingloriousbasterdcock.blogspot.com is a real site.....

"In About 5 Minutes I'm Gonna Take One In The Can"

Not the biggest budweiser fan, but i bet its better than this!!

YoWelli.com Big Up!! Big Up!!!

Peep more on free agent Anson at www.yowelli.com

Some nice vids and giant photos!

Nice Little Project, Some Gems And Some Trash

Interesting dnb/jungle/dubstep remixes of Michael Jackson, T Pain, Jr Reid, E-40, Donna Summer, Chris Isaak. A very wtf collection of artists to fuck with, but some of these come off pretty well. The low tempo Van Halen guitars, it works. The jungle remix of Billy Jean, it works as well.

Its a free project, so download it here and show DJ C some support.

Mas Hit!

The Hundred Trail

decided to rise & shine early today and tackle the infamous 100 trail. this beauty runs 10 miles (one way) thru the heart of Phoenix, but don't think of this as an "urban" trail in any sense of the word. this trail connects North Mountain Park to Squaw Peak Mountain and there are no paved sections in between. although it may be described as "moderate" by some hardcore bikers, there were 4 times i had to walk my bike uphill, and not cuz i can't ride a fuckin bike. for every grueling uphill, there was some wicked chunky downhill that made me rethink my decision to ride without a helmet...

i rode the trail West to East, and intended to take the streets back to the starting point, but i still ended up on the trail for at least 1/3 of the return trip (and my streets experience was characterized by a looooooooooong gradual uphill and 2 near-collisions with cars...). in the end it was 18.3 miles in 2.5 hours. i had a raging headache that was due to the brutal abuse the trail dispensed thru my handlebars (and maybe a bit from dehydration although i drank 100oz of electrolyte enhanced H20).

Next time i'll probably be less strict about staying on the trail and try some of the dozens of off-shoots i passed...there's probably 500 miles of trails like this running thru the area. literally.

props to www.MTBikeAZ.com for the cool image


PS3 Trophy Swag

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you're not on level 7 with 328 trophies... didn't mean to brag. Being ranked #19,322 in the World on Playstation Network is no easy job, but to be honest, I do it with ease cause I'm passionate about it. Perhaps you should go to PS3TrophyCard and get your own to show off. Boom.


Dead Snow

Best Nazi Zombie movie ever?

A group of Norwegian friends get the scariest history lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway to the snowy town of Øksfjord, where the party is interrupted by throngs of Nazi zombies who once occupied the area. Armed with a machine-gun-equipped snowmobile, the gang fights for survival in director Tommy Wirkola's quirky horror, shot on location in the mountains of Norway.

Doesn't that sound awesome?? I'll find out really soon and will let you know...

Puch Magnum that makes me shoot it

snap. how clean is that? the hunt is on. fuck it.

RIP Patrick Swayze

"I wouuuuuuld pay maaahney"

Watch The albino From Gummo in Entertainment  |  View More Free STDs Online at Veoh.com


How Rude...

Hmmm.... a bit much, no?


Ghostface drops knowledge #4

If there is one person to take relationship advice from, its Ghost. He knows. I mean, I done this and that and I could tell you a lil of this and a lil of that, but Ghost...... Ghost is on some hot link to jesus type shit. Boom.
PS. I'm watching you.

Konstantin Alemason - Day in Dirt

Russian kid killing it on some Moscow dirt. Sick footy, sick editing. Clean throughout.

One day of dirt from Konstantin Alemasov on Vimeo.

saw it first on Defgrip - thanks yall!

Dirt 2 and video games

Dirt 2 came out this past tuesday. I love racing games, rally especialy, so naturally I picked it up. And? Its awesome. I love it. This might just be the best racing game I've ever had. The feeling of racing from the cockpit/hood camera is unsurpassed. Sense of speed, engine noise, different road textures playing around with the grip... what a great time.
Now of course NFS Shift is dropping next week - and its going to be sweet as well, AND, I might have to pick that one up too. Just doing my part. Then we got Uncharted 2 half way through October - and then GranTurismo 5 is finaly dropping. Busy busy busy.

That of course brings us to the main point. Why does it seem that C2D readers don't play videogames. I mean, 100s of visitors a day, and only 7 voted on the videogame system poll? Pathetic. Do me a favor, go to a videogame store, buy yourself a PS3/Xbox360 (don't bother with the Wii unless you're 11 or are retarded) , and have a god damn blast. Don't forget to pick up a huge 1080p LCD, or it just won't be the same. Go on.