Many ways to skin a cat, but this is one of them.

That ill german flow

Thanks Prolly, saw it on your blog first.


My KHE Complete

Yep yep, this is the same bike that was used in those stunt videos from a few days ago - a completely stock KHE, except maybe for some sweet trixstor bars that came with it. The stem, the seat clamp, cranks, pedals, wheels are all removable with a little tool provided, and it even has a functioning chain. You can raise and lower the seat, change the grips, add pegs and other silly stuff. I decided to go with a brakeless version for my table bike to see whats what. I love my brakes in real life, and this was one way for me to live on the edge... of my desk.

It sits there, quitely, as I'm wishing I could ride RIGHT now... but its snowing, raining, cold, nasty, worky and so on. I love bikes, and this is just one more way I can get deeper into my bike nerddom and obsession.

ps. I bought two of these, one for me, one for my partner in crime here at C2D, and I'm not sure if his is KHE or if its mine? Does the frame/stickers look like something other then KHE? Got any ideas what it is? Let us know.

Save The Brooklyn Banks Jam Edit

BANKS JAM from y.arava on Vimeo.

Yon the One aka Mr. Arava hooks it up on the wheels of computer editing program. Some serious editing, thank you for sending this one to us!


It was Cold...

At least, I was cold. The gathering at the banks came and went without fuss. The turnout was small relative to other events at the banks, cold tempuratures the likely factor. Still, some riding went down in the normal banks fashion, fast and sketchy.

check the video


Sunday Morning Present

While all the kiddies sleep and hide from the gray sky, C2D team is putting in work.

ChainReactionCycles Color Quiz

Ok everyone, this quiz is specificaly for ChainReactionCycles, so eventhough you may feel like you know the answer, don't shout it out.... ok? Thanks!

Lets play...

Which one of these hubs is Black?

(answer: not the red one - and that's the one you should have sent me you bloody bastards)


Private Brooklyn Banks

One of our readers sent this pic in - a little replica of a Brooklyn Banks section you can score on Amazon. That is pretty neat, in that turbonerd way. Thanks Stoked!

BMX Stunts 1 and 2

Its been raining here in NYC lately, so I was forced to practice some BMX stunts at home. Don't worry though, I didn't mellow out and make it easy on myself - all of these are pulled over a pit of fire. Enjoy.


Big-Ass Skull Rock

i'm not sure the official name, but i'm calling it Big-Ass Skull Rock...

apparantly, this has been lurking in the AZ desert for around 100 years. its right alongside a train track winding thru the hills and supposedly the conducter would be telling ghost-stories to the passengers about the area being haunted. then you turn a corner, and BAAAAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!


February Turrbotax With Jubilee And Disco Shawn - Free Beer!!

Flashing Lights meets Icee Hot meets Turrbotax. Bring your TI-85 calculators cause some science is gonna get broken down at this one.

Don't be fooled by that other party.....(taxxxactonline.com), this is the real deal banger you don't want to miss.

See you at The Cove for some ear bleeding speed metal, er i mean, heavy heavy bass action.

Don't forget the free Asahi tallboys that fuel the mayhem and bathroom fornication.
As always, NO COVER and FREE ASAHI from 10-11pm and again from 1-2am.


PHX Floods vs. Bike Trails

i think the floods are winning....these were taken today in normally bone-dry areas that i ride in (more than 24 hours AFTER the rain stopped!)


Hell, why not?

Hey everyone, happy friday! Oh......that picture? Took it last night. It's from a childrens book about school and education. Look, I call it like I see it and I'm all about fatties, BUT that spliff is going to canoe faster then you can say "subliminal message" unless its rolled so tight that it will pull like shit. Rubber room, anyone? If I was to light up in the middle of a classroom, right infront of the god damn black board, I would go with a pinner, or better yet a one hitter. Then again, I would probably just wait until I got home. Happy Friday!

"Civilize Tha 85er"

hangoutKid Exclusive: Jay Electronica from hangoutKid on Vimeo.

hangoutkid capturing the moment, at this free concert, with such a bananas lineup. yep, you missed it, so i aint gonna break it down.

Over it

I dont really know this band, and I dont really like the song, but I do like the video. We, here around the C2D HQs, dont give out alot of single, let alone double thumbs up. Therefore its no surprise this video gets no thumbs up at all - but it does get a lil head nod like "Yea, cool".


Street Science - Vol 7

Nice little spot here - nothing fancy, just a little hop gap thingie to make you feel good about yourself.
A fun grassy bank on a speedy road.

After ride bliss.

As always, do you know where these spots are? You do? Well then, give us your addy and get ready for a prize!


Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

While most folks are tired of wack mash up lp's that are poorly put together, Wu Tang vs. The Beatles: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers is a fresh break.
Tom Caruana has used tracks from throughout Wu history, and in some cases has improved on the original tracks. The tracks are breakbeat heavy, and the drums sound good. I'm assuming the Beatles samples are from guitar hero. I don't know who Tom Caruana is but he has given us something fun and classic.

Download for Free Here

Banks Gathering this Saturday

Come Thru to the Brooklyn Banks this Saturday, Jan 23rd, 1PM, For an "impromptu" bike/skate gathering. The spot is already overdue for its four year closure - this might be one gathering you don't wanna miss. I've read that Fuel TV will also be there filming a piece, as will I. Its being organized by Steve Rodriguez/5boro, but I'm not sure of the purpose of this gathering in relation to the imminent demise the banks are facing. either way, come out, weather permitting, and bring your bike.

[UPDATE] seems this gathering is meant to bring attention to/save the banks from the city's plan to close off large sections to accommodate the brooklyn bridge restoration.


Headphones Were A Tight Race

Clearly the air buds are the winners, err, ear buds. Kinda expected that outcome, cuz riding around with two soup bowls on yer head can look a bit funny. I can't believe i missed Air Bud Spikes Back. I bet it was amazing! I mean, all the other Bud series were inspiring to say the least. Wheelchair riders playing basketball... please, Air Bud is fucking canine that has surpassed so many obstacles and takes it to the hole every time. Pick a sport, Air Bud brings home the championship. He doesn't even have thumbs!!!

My vote is for the noise isolating jobbies, and im pretty sure thats what I'm gonna get. That or an R/C helicopter

earbuds 8 (50%)
wraparound sport headphones 5 (31%)
earpads 4 (25%)
full size soup bowls 6 (37%)
noise cancelling 6 (37%)
noise isolating 6 (37%)
surround headphones 3 (18%)

Votes so far: 16

Bunch of bike riding kids

KNS.Lo The lowest sense of values from KNS.Lo on Vimeo.

Not sure who this is, but something about the vid got me excited.


18 And Life

Hip Hop Ain't Dead - Back Like We Never Left

Pull yer pants up? Fuck that shit! Gay out with the rest of em and pull yer shit down to yer knees and look....er, hard i guess. hehehe

Some of ya'll might be familiar with the HHAD (hip hop aint dead) series, well, we got c-sick back on those iron horses. I'm sure some of ya'll left off with 24 and 24.5, but now, its time for 25. I guess a hiatus is good for all of us.


I need to abstract

with windows vista...


January Turrbotax Pictures

AIBLPM - January 2010 Edition

The AIBLPM for today is a easy and refreshing 0.83 and that makes C2D's heart sing.
Perhaps the cold makes people want to endanger others less, or perhaps today is a lucky day. I haven't commuted to our HQ via bike in a long time, literally since last year, so perhaps the real reason behind a low AIBLPM rate is the fact that I haven't pissed anyone off on my office route in weeks, which resulted in everyone calming down and finding deep within themselves a overpowering will and rational to park in designated spots and not wherever the fuck.

Regardless, I forgot how much fun it is to ride.

My bike of choice, a Tonic Fallguy will shortly be replaced with a NS Capital. Its a sad moment, but like with anything, good things always seem to come to an end.
Eventhough Portland, Oregon is a perfectly reasonable place to make bike frames, bikes of choice in that region are road and track, not dirt and street, therefore I must take my business overseas to Poland.
Eastern Europe is the horseradish of my excistance and its only right that I ride a velosiped cultivated 714 miles away from my hometown, and not 5,433 - presuming Moscow is my hometown and not NYC, in which case I suggest to just ignore the mile measurements above and use a less known but more accurate and case specific soul scale.

The point is, its warmer out. The face no longer wants to fall off with each minute on the pedals in 20mph 12F winds. Ride!

Ebay Paper

A reader recently wrote in to us and asked how exactly we stay so fly and paid around here, at the C2D HQ. We seem to be always either signing another ill rider to our team, or flying out for a photo op in Bermuda. If there is not a 40 oz steak on, then its a 51 oz Baltica.

Is this all an image, a fraud, are all of our whips leased like Beanie Sigels Bentleys?

In one word, NO, we own the stuff we flaunt. But how do we make it happen? Its easy. Ebay money. EBAY PAPER.

Got a pair of grips you dont need? Sell em for 7 bucks. How about those print cartridges for a printer you no longer got? Sell em for 12 bucks, e-cash money. That totally sweet Triple 5 Soul turtleneck from when your taste in clothes was shite at best? Sell it for 18 buckaroos to a person with a taste even worse then yours who's still stuck in 99. Boom.

With over 67 sales under my belt and 100% feedback, pffff, I know I'm good. Afterall, one doesn't run a successful blog like this one just on good looks - although the looks do help.

Good day. Holla at me on ebay.


From hellhole to just plain hell

What the fuck. The prime minister of Haiti is talking about hundreds of thousands dead. There are no functioning hospitals. Schools, gone, with many feared trapped inside. The scope of the destruction is still unknowable, as most -- if not all -- infrastructure in Haiti has collapsed.

We want to share a few resources you can donate to as well as offer up one of our own. C2D will be accepting donations of clothes to send for the next two weeks. Please email us at createtodestroy@gmail.com to work out logistics.

Two of the easiest methods can be done right from your mobile: Wyclef Jean's Haitian charity Yele Haiti is accepting $5 donations by texting 'Yele' to 501501. The Red Cross is taking $10 donations by texting HAITI to 90999.

UNICEF is accepting donations through their site.

Doctors Without Boarders is already on the ground.

The Huffington Post has an updating list of additional organizations offering aid. Donate what you can. If you're broke, donate some time.

Street Science - Vol 6

The kind of spot I could session all day, and then the next.

Piotr Jurczak Street Biz

Nice. A lil 180 whip action at :42. Not bad.


Rapper, Icon, Actor........ Teacher. Method Man Bringing More Than Pain To The Learning Annex!

Johnny Blaze, teaching a class about rolling the perfect blunt at The Learning Annex, how could you pass this up??

Well, maybe that will be in the Q&A portion of the class, but yes, Method Man will be at The Learning Annex talking about the business. Which business? It don't matter cause he's done it all. Music, TV, movies, comics, electrical engineering. Something like that.

Go to learn, go to network, or hell, just go for the spectacle, the Annex always manages to bring out the weirdness. Did I ever tell you time I went to their "How To Film An Adult Movie" class and saw a woman fuck another one in the ass with a shoe heel. Well, that's another post, but check out Bong Water Butt Babes for more on that instructor. What about the speed dating class that had folks getting booted from the venue for fornicating in the bathroom.

Never fails

You can sign up and get all the details here or call 212-371-0280

BUT WAIT, normally this costs 44.95, but we got the hookup. Use coupon code "meth20" to get 20 bucks off.

This event is Thursday, Jan 28th, so don't wait for it to sell out.

Victory or Death

We've finally found a piece of fine art worthy of gracing the boardroom wall of C2D's HQ. Want one of your own?


New Jersey wants that Cali paper

New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill

How about that...
I hope New Jersey not only matches but surpasses Cali in being rad with this medical jane issue. Not sure if you've been to San Fran recently, but the stuff is pretty much legal there. Come on NJ, make it happen - make Hoboken the best place ever for someone in need.


Sweet Parkour Action


Got that pop

Anson Yowelli with that POP. Keep killing it man!

The Tattoo Poll SumUp

"I want to get another tattoo" was the Poll Statement. Did you agree, disagree, or didn't care?

26% have tattoos and want more - just as many people like tattoos, but don't care enough to get one. Handful of people want one, handful of people think they are cheese. Whats the moral of all of this? I'm making it mandatory that all of C2D interns get tattoos - done by no other but myself, Curtis. Design is yet to be determined, but what IS known is that this scandalous neck piece will make it difficult to score a job in a religious or feminist field. Lets leave it at that.

P.S. Kathleen - I'm making that New Paltz trip asap for some ink yo! Boom!

New YoWelli Bars

My boy Anson dropped another batch of them YoWelli Bars. Go to Yowelli.com for more info and to get some!
I'm scheeming on a rigid setup so I'm def on it.


2009 NS bikes Captial 2

A possible new frame for the C2D team? Eh eh?


Matt Shadetek This Thursday At Turrbotax

You may know him from the Craziest Riddim here:

or from his mixes like this


  1. Matt Shadetek - Singularity
  2. Mykal Rose - Shoot Out
  3. Hard House Banton - Sirens
  4. Matt Shadetek - Coco
  5. KG - 808
  6. Matt Shadetek - Wonton Garden
  7. Fada Bookie - Mi Name (Shadetek NY Tropical Remix)
  8. Jahdan Blakkamoore feat. 77Klash and Spoek Mathambo - Dem Nuh Like It
  9. Aidonia - In Her Belly
  10. Footsteps - Worker
  11. Dotstar - Stick Up (Dutty Artz special)
  12. NB Funky - Riddim Box Rmx
  13. Chelly - Took the Night
  14. Royal P - Between Us
  15. KG - Feelin Funky
  16. Rudimental Records - Want You Back
  17. Vybz Kartel - Dutty Angela
  18. Matt Shadetek - Shield Dub
  19. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
  20. Matt Shadetek - New York Attitude
  21. Noble Society - Mama So Divine (Marcus Visionary rmx)
  22. Matt Shadetek - Strength In Numbers
Either way, get yer asses out to Turrbotax this Thursday.
NO COVER and FREE ASAHI from 10-11pm and again from 1-2am.
The Cove (aka hugs) 106 North 6th near the L train bedford stop
Bunch of info on facebook here

And if we're lucky, there will be more free sock giveaways from Scion, warm and comfy as hell

Liquid Bikes Co.

Liquid Bikes is a new company from California, the US of A. I found out about it on Ridemonkey, this bikester forum I frequent. The geometry and the looks of this bike are spot on, and it just looks like it will hop and jump and skip like a dream. Could be a perfect frame for that big bmx feel, good street/dirt/park machine. I'm suuppppper strongly considering this frame - eventhough I love me some squish upfront. Here are the specs for the bars, specs for frame can be found on their site - price looks damn good.

6 inch rise
28 inch width
10 degree backsweep
2 degree upsweep
multi-butted 4130 chromoly
26 oz

Frame - $309
Bars - $54
Frame/bar combo - $340


Lovin This

2010 Transition Factory Race Team

Since one will find Transition bikes under the asses of the C2D Factory DH Squad, this is news you need to know. Besides, Bryn Atkinson is an effing monster and the only one tripling the huge ass step up on last year's US Open course. Congrats Bryn and Jill.

Press release via Vital MTB

I Might Just Have To Take My Shirt Off