Best Of Cell Phone Pics Vol 31

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Superbowl 2012

With Superbowl 2013 fast approaching, its only appropriate that we recap last years game. As you can see it was a wild and crazy rave.


DJ Phyzx - - Universal Magnetic B-Boy Scientific

This was a mighty tape coming out of the hometown back in the day.    4track work of art blending hip hop and drum n bass, in 1997 this tape was mega.

You can download it HERE and check out the rest of his site HERE for tons more goodies

01.  Formula 7 – Soundboy
02.  Organized Konfusion – Bring It On
03.  DJ Zinc – Reach Out
04.  Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear (Instrumental)
05.  Evil II feat. Ice Cube – Cops Ain’t Shit
06.  Lemon D – This Is LA
07.  Ascend – 1,2,3 (Remix)
08.  Arrested Development – People Everyday (Instrumental)
09.  Jeru The Damaja – D Original (Instrumental)
10.  D’Cruze – Freedom
11.  Redman & Method Man – How High (Acapella)
12.  Company Flow – Vital Nerve (Instrumental)
13.  Cut Chemist – Layered Laird
14.  Maximum Style – Hard As Hell
15.  Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – Bad Ass!!
16.  Maximum Style – The Teacher
17.  Bassface – Steamroller Tune
18.  DJ Solo & DJ Aura – Wreckin’ Shit
19.  Tek 9 – Libra
20.  Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – Drop Top Caddy
21.  Breakbeat Science feat. Camp Lo – Black Nostaljack
22.  The Ballistic Brothers – I Don’t Know
23.  DJ Krush feat. The Roots – Meiso (4 Hero Remix)
24.  Junglist Posse & DJ Cam – Summersmashshit
25.  A-Sides – Into Existence
26.  Boogie Down Productions – I’m Still #1
27.  Goldie feat. KRS-One – Digital
28.  Beyond Reality – Spice
29.  Beyond Reality – Control
30.  Master Ace – Me & The Biz
31.  DJ Red – Devastate
32.  Minus 8 – The Sweetest Sounds
33.  Run-DMC – Together Forever
34.  Junglist Posse & DJ Cam – Freestylelifeshit
35.  Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (DJ Hype Remix)
36.  Ed OG & Da Bulldogs – Be A Father To Your Child (Instrumental)
37.  The Force Of One – Sign Of The Times
38.  Skool Of Hard Knocks – Get Down
39.  Tha Alkaholics – Likwit (Acapella)
40.  EPS & 2-Vibe – Hype The Funk
41.  Aphrodite – Hit Me!!
42.  J-Majik – Arabian Nights
43.  LL Cool J – Jack The Ripper
44.  2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
45.  FJ – FJ Volume III
46.  Bounty Killer feat. Jeru The Damaja – Suicide Murder (Acapella)
47.  Oscar Da Grouch – Funky Crew
48.  Lemon D feat. Camp Lo – Luchini
49.  DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (Remix)
50.  Method Man – PLO Style (Acapella)
51.  u-Ziq – Lunatic Harness
52.  Roni Size – Daylight
53.  A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum
54.  The Almighty RSO – One In The Chamba (Instrumental)
55.  Maximum Style – Steppin’ Stone
56.  D’Cruze – The Funk
57.  Biz Markie – Nobody Beats The Biz
58.  DJ SS – Bite It
59.  Goodfellas – Impact
60.  Aphrodite – Tower Bass
61.  Mulder – Stick Up Kid
62.  L Double – Version
63.  Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean
64.  Natural Born Chillers – Rock The Funky Beat
65.  Public Enemy – Miuzi Weighs A Ton
66.  DJ SS – Niceness
67.  Amazon II – King Of The Beats
68.  Aphrodite feat. The Jungle Brothers – Jungle Brother

THE MORE YOU KNOW.    He really goes in on the background and makeup of this tape, if you are interested, you can read it HERE below the tracklist.


Wu Tang Wednesdays Vol6

Make Music

Watching stuff like this makes me wanna make a tune or two. Its been too long. Gotta get back in the lab :P


Why I'm Gonna Ride Today

Saw this on Defgrip a few mins ago, and it has to be one of the most skillful street vids I've seen in a long long time. If you don't watch this whole clip, at very least see the MONSTER 180 barspin in the beginning. This kid has a talent I tell ye, I mean, flat ground crankflip cancan or whatever its called. Redic. Enjoy.


Brooklyn Auto Action

In BK cars are all over the place doing wild shit. We capture those delicate moments. Whether its a lil damage to a brand new Escalade, or a front corner missing from a G500, tipping over classic Vespas or driving like a impatient dick, its all here. Oh, and I'm saving all the crazy school buses in bike lane pics for a grand post.

Best of Cellphone Pics v30

Cockshark. Big body. Pop off real quick. I wish I had that when I was 2. Burd man. Drunk pigs.


Very Important Stuff

This is very important. You have to watch this twice, please. Have a blessed afternoon, sirs and ma'am's.


Far Cry 3 The Outpost

This app looks neat if you're a Far Cry 3 nerd (like me) - check it out yall. Every game should have a lil setup like this. And the video itself is pretty neat and sums it up perfectly :)


Friday Night Throwdown - December 7, 2012

One hell of a night. The event came a long way from its debut back in 2008-ish at a random warehouse-ish type space in Chinatown (just for the record, all the facts used here are retrieved from memory, since doing research is not the C2D approach to journalism).

Somehow a few years and good half dozen Friday Night Throwdowns has happened while we were away, and this one was a big number 10. Seems like everything was a bit cranked up. Better location, better sound, better fights, same exact Pabst Blue Ribbon but somehow it felt better (perhaps because there was more of it, and faster).

Upon our arrival at the location we almost decided to turn right around. Fancy gym seems like a foul choice for the kind of event that I remember from years past. Music too loud, beer cans lining the edges of the ring, serving as ash trays for hastily rolled Dutchies right there and then, young hiphop and bass kids out-cooling each other in any way possible surrounded by fancy folk in furs and diamonds. There was no way all that was to happen at this "new" space - but oh yes it did, and then some.
"PEOPLE, PLEASE keep your beer cans off the ring AND SMOKE YOUR WEED OUTSIDE, the fighters need FRESH AIR!" was announced between every other round and fight, as a well shaped dame wiggled her business district around about the perimeter in focus while heavy bass rattled the whole facility along with a one block radius.
A fresh and new addition, a belly dancer of sorts, was way welcomed. After her half time performance the MC wittily exclaimed "I bet all you dudes who are hitched or brought your ladies here tonight are saying "UGH, FUCK MY LIFE"" - and he was right. Add that to unlimited brew, unlimited energy, music, fun, post fight conversations with the triumphant pugilis and beautiful ladies with red hair, right things and sweet sweet Brooklyn way to party - anyone and everyone walked away with a unmistakable feeling of being at the right place at the right time in the Capital of the World, NYC. New York fuckin City doesn't josh about, kids. Next time you hear this lil shinding is in town, you show up. Boom.

Wu Tang Wednesday Vol4


Why I'm Gonna Ride Today v52

This is pretty neat - freshly borrowed from Defgrip.

Fun'n'Games - GameStick

Seems like new gaming consoles is all the rage right now. And why not? With the cellular digital telephone videogames getting crazy in quality, it only makes sense to stick a, ahm, GameStick into the back of your hdtv and play all the fun Apps and games on the big screen. This thing looks neat and at 80$ beans, I'm All about it. I mean, they wanted 100k on Kickstarter and got it within 30 hours of going public, if thats any indication for the interest. Technology is fuckin awesome and we are living in the MIX, I tell yeee. Fun times. And oh yea, we are excited about GTA5 and siberian pelmeni.


Oh yea, we are still obsessing over GTA5 over here, and on a not too distant Tuesday in mid-spring 2013, myself and anyone who is anyone who gives a slightest god damn about having fun will be OUT OF THE OFFICE SICK and at my crib putting in work.