Shout Out To Estonia!!!

The land of beer and sausage has been reppin C2D hard core!

We raise a few glasses in the air for all the homies in Tallinn. The next round of Saku is on us. You got any exclusive bike pics for us? An Estonia ride report? That city looks like an ill one to ride in.

Coffee and Broccoli - The Breakfast of Champions

Nothing like waking up to a delicious kick-start kit.

Times Up Graffiti Bike Ride This Saturday

15 mile free bike cruise starts out in BK and takes you around to see that new ish.

Meet at Times Up! Brooklyn - 99 South 6th bet Berry and Broadway (williamsburg) at 230pm.

Keep eyes peeled for chef pants, katsu, kuma,


Join In On The Hot Debate: Does Papa Johns Suck?

I mean, sure this guy likes it, but what about the common human that weighs less than a piano... I hate Papa Johns, but in true debate fashion, Curtis strongly disagrees. We encourage you all to weigh in on this topic by voting on the poll to your right. Feel free to leave comments and stories on how much you love or hate the PJ's product. Maybe you had gay sex with the delivery man and that's why you like their pizza so much. Maybe you ate 2 slices dipped in garlic butter and vomitted all over the place. With papa johns, i guess anything can happen.

Knog N.E.R.D Review Part 1

A few months back we mentioned Knog NERD bikey computer , ogling at its simple form and function. I don't know what it is, but i always get excited about anything that has to do with silicone - and one more or less strikes gold with the N.E.R.D., as the whole thing is textured like a luscious breast.

What can I say, this is my first velocycle computer and it does exactly what I want it to. I get my current speed, max speed, average speed, trip distance/time, total distance time and a nifty lightup function. Switch between all those by pushing on the screen - its one big button! Setup was easier then ordering Bangers and Mash at The Chip Shop in Park Slope, but more about that later.

Naturaly, I threw the NERD on my 20, and got it going as fast as I could - which was about 30mph. Swift.

As this is the first part of the review - i dont want to give away too many juicy details - to find out JUST how awesome this lil compy is, wait for part 2.

Fun lil display. Easy to read, awesome to speed.
My wheels. Notice the Knog set up on the bars and fork - tiny!
Sunny Rooftop fun - bikey is chillin out before a ride.


It Is What It Is

Its not simply a forum, its the way of life. IT IS WHAT IT IS. I could spend the next 10 hours typing out a 60 page essay as to why that place is what it is, but I think you would rather just see for yourself. Wow. I'm proud to say I personally know the person responsible for this. Join in and you won't be sorry for long.

The Papa Johns X-perience - The Food Life Special Edition

One has to be in the right mind state for this. And if all the conditions are right, THIS just might be one of the most delicious things ever, at least while you're eating it. Papa John wins. Even the wings were great - a surprise for a chain pizza shop. Thumbs up.

El Fresco Verde Modus

My boy J Dawg with his new wheels. He's been riding the hell out of that bike. Broke his brake 2 days later and been riding brakeless since.


I Can't Wait For This Stomach Virus To Pass

Spicy brown mustard...

Thats what I see everytime I take a shit. I don't know if it's a virus, something I ate, or from putting dirty things in my mouth, but this thing has its hooks in me.

Let these pictures be a reminder to you. Not just of my feces and stomach cramps, but to WASH YOUR HANDS and keep you tongue off of subway poles.

Also, don't ask for EVERYTHING on your hotdog next time we're at a bbq together.



The best part about not having a real job is you have a lot of down time. Sure, interning for c2d is hard work, I spend more time frying up grilled cheese and salami sandwiches, filching tall boys of Steel Reserve from bodegas, and beating and robbing small-time dealers for Mssrs. Estero and Chorizali than actually blog-related, but I do get out to ride every now and again.

This week, after "accidentally" leaving my pager at c2d's luxe HQ (they won't even give me a goddamn cellphone, much less a computer to work on. I'm at the library now), I headed out to Cunningham Park in Queens for a dirt jump and pump track session. I hadn't been out there since last fall, but it's worth the trip. The pump track is big and tricky, you need to be on your game to keep your speed up through the whole thing and it will let you know when you suck at riding it. The DJs are the same way, camelbacked tables to keep it legal but big and tricky, and you better land each one perfectly or you'll be bailing out and schlepping back to the start hill rather than coming through the return line like a man.

Or, there is always the option of overshooting the f**k out of something and using your shin and pedal as a braking mechanism, right before jamming yourself into a huge mudhole, like me.

The trees have filled in nicely and the jumps are in great shape. Wish I could say the same for my shin. Keep in mind this spot is wholly maintained by volunteers, so keep an eye on sites like nycmtb.com and climb for workdays, although there is usually a crew out on Dirty Thursdays every week. Come through and help out.


Beware Of The Beast, For He Is The Devils Pawn...

The Beast is loose on NYC cyclists, so watch yer backs and fronts and sides! (hope they aint doin breathalyzerz......)
Dragnet! Cops nab bikers in red-light sting
By Mike McLaughlin and Emilia Brock
The Brooklyn Paper
It's not the first time that the bike lane on DeKalb Avenue has been in the news.
Police cracked down on rule-breaking bicyclists in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill last Friday, issuing tickets for running red lights and then slapping offenders with additional summonses for minor infractions, including one bicyclist who didn’t have a bell.
The dragnet snared 36 bicyclists on the popular DeKalb Avenue bike lane that links the two neighborhoods with Downtown Brooklyn.
Bikers protested that they’re being prosecuted for victimless crimes
“I admit the red light was a red light,” said Gideon Levy who was busted on DeKalb Avenue near the police precinct building at Classon Avenue. “But when I go through red lights, I always look to see if pedestrians and cars are coming. There should be a similar attitude as with jaywalking. New York can afford to look the other way as long as the bikers are riding safely.”

The red light violation carries a $120 penalty, and this was Levy’s second pedaling punishment this spring.
Back in Fort Greene on Friday, one biker was slapped with $350 in tickets for running a red light on Lafayette Avenue and not properly signaling as he made a turn onto the Carlton Avenue bike lane.
“There have to be rules for bicyclists, but cycling needs to be encouraged,” said the suddenly discouraged Brion Snyder, a music producer from Clinton Hill. “Now I have $350 in fines. It seems irrational since it’s a minor infraction. It’s egregious.”
Cops said the crackdown was long overdue.
“It was targeted towards enforcing traffic laws,” said a police source from the 88th Precinct. “Running a red light is not safe for the cyclist or anyone else in the street.”
The ticket blitz is a bitter irony for bikers who have complained since the lane’s creation last year that vehicles, including officers at the 88th Precinct stationhouse near the corner of Classon Avenue, but especially delivery trucks, regularly block the lane with parked cars along the busy corridor.
Cop sources conceded that the newfound heightened enforcement of the traffic rules came only after motorists and pedestrians mounted complaints about dangerous and illegal maneuvers by their two-wheel loving neighbors.
One driver, himself stopped at a red light in Clinton Hill, said many bikers are a hazard.
“No, they don’t follow the laws,” the driver moaned. “Last week, my car got hit by a bike.”
And with only five motorists getting nailed in last week’s crackdown with citations for obstructing the bikers’ route, word quickly spread among rogue riders that they were under scrutiny — and they quickly heeded the lesson of the suddenly strict enforcement.
“This whole ride I’ve been stopping for red lights,” said Lauren Kelleher, near the corner of Clinton Avenue on Monday afternoon. “My roommate just got a ticket for it!”
But most cyclists act like red lights are stop signs, halting just long enough to see that intersections are clear of traffic.
“I stop, at least a quick stop, just to check,” said Catalina Monsalve.

Lord of the Wings

LORD OF THE WINGS - one word - WOW!
This guy is my new hero, seriously.

I like to think of myself as a person who's into wings. I take photos of them. I talk about them. I crave them.

This guy, is a whole another beast. He is the real deal about his wings. So sincere. He has his own proprietary chicken wing rating system. I really need to start taking my wings to the next level.
Lord of the Rings - you found a new reader and supporter, for life.

Thank you.


just plain crazy

OK, i'll admit that i probably don't watch as many bike videos as some of you other fellas, but i'm not sure i understand how/why the shit in this vid is possible.
it actually makes me depressed.


Zombies Are That Next Ish!!!

It seems songs about zombies are the new buzz. I wholy embrace this trend. Especially if they stay at this caliber:


Hometown Heros Vol1

Gun teacher accidentally shot student
PONTIAC, Mich., May 7 (UPI) -- Police said a Michigan concealed weapons teacher accidentally shot a student in the face during a demonstration.

Investigators said the 74-year-old teacher accidentally discharged a bullet from a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday during a class in Oakland County, WDIV-TV, Detroit, reported Thursday.

The bullet ricocheted off a table and struck a 52-year-old student in the face. The student was taken to Troy Beaumont Hospital to receive treatment for non-life threatening injuries.
The teacher told investigators he thought the gun was loaded with plastic bullets.
Police said the shooting is being treated as accidental and no charges have been filed.

I Don't Speak Spanish But.....

I'm pretty sure this means "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin To Fuck Wit!!!!"

Its Wu mutha fucka......Wu Tang mutha fucka...

So, with this we announce the first C2D photoshop contest!!! Edit the ad and post it up as a comment or email it to createtodestroy@gmail.com and the best one will win a C2D giftbag with actual stuff in it!!

Here is an example:

Good luck folks, I have some high hopes for ya'll so make us proud. Gift bag includes cds and all sorts of shit (and not just C-Sick mix tapes), maybe some clothes, used bandaids, or swine flu vaccines.


DJ Hero from Activision

Creators of Guitar Hero bring you DJ Hero... looks like it could be pretty interesting.... What you think C$izzle?


Man, I Keep Showin Ya'll This Dude, But Why Wont It Stick?

Maybe not on this site, but I've been pushin this dude hard to a lot of ya'll. Sure, mike baker the bike maker could include some more bike making content, but whatever. Its all good

Mike Baker the Bike Maker - The Chase from Honor Roll on Vimeo.

Fresh New Edwins - Boom

match em up to fresh new loteks. boom. there is more to it too, but we'll let the flavor marinate before firing up the grill, kna mean.


surprise, surprise....

hey, look! some ill shit from Detroit!
i kinda feel like nowadays everybody is so hip to detroit shit that finding some cool track is like getting 4th place in the Special Olympics: anyone can do it but we're all winners in the end.....

Handle Bar Basket Combo

These look pretty neat, i would even consider getting a basket/bar like that to throw onto a commuter. looks so slick and solid - good job!