I Need a Patty Melt and a Monte Carlo

Yessir. Takes me back to when I was in ATL right before Aquemeni dropped and they were blasting the only track available at the time, Skew It On the Bar B. Man, that was my shit. I'm glad they decided for another go round here. Sir Luscious, coming soon......


She ALMOST got shot!

What did you do in 1996?
I was busy learning how to parallel park so I can nail that drivers license exam. 96 was also the year I got fired from McDonalds for not having a "All American" look due to my baggy pants, long hair and white Airwalks, wut wut!
Well, Hillary was busy duckin bullets, running for cover and such. BUCKA BUCKA BUCKAH! GO GO GO!!!!!


Happy Easter!!!

Hope ya'll had a nice Easter. I spent the day installing this new lawn ornament. All the kids in the neighborhood love it.


NYC Auto Show

NYC annual Auto Show - March 21-30th at Javitz Center - NYC.


Each year it gets better and better. If you have any interest in cars and whats coming up for next few years in the auto industry - you dont want to miss this. Concepts, exotics +++ much more. AND you get to touch all of it.

GTA4 - 4 Radio Stations Revealed.

38 more days until birth.
Rockstar gave us a taste of the madness to come, this time by giving us a little selection of the radio stations we'll be flipping through while speeding down Liberty City sidewalks, running from the law.
Peep the link below for the sampling. Its not bad, we got soul and afrobeat, we got party hits, we got a talk show stuff - most interesting to me is the "Vladivostok" station. For those who dont know, Vladivostok is the MOST south eastern point of Russia - the last stop in the Trans-Siberian railroad. Next stop - China "type of thing". First two tracks previewed for the station are "interesting" - the last one is kind of dope. Forget it, all of it is dope - so fresh to hear the language/humor that most will miss and ONLY the Russian speaking GTA4 players will catch. Basically, if you wanna know whats up - you better play GTA4 with me.

4 Radio Stations

Peep the screen shots too - motorcycle in the subway tunnel, what?? Cant wait.


Doughnut Plant All Day

Forget it. I dont even know what to say. These doughnuts brought me back to when I used to run around on Moscow streets. They got the yeast and cake doughnuts. If you know ANYTHING about doughnuts - yeast is the way to go, none of that fake, Americanized cake doughnut nonesense, although the Tres Leches cake one is a psychodelic thunder blaster of flavor. Trust me. Add a lil "REAL" hot coco to the mix (forget the powder shit, THIS is the biz), or perhaps a nice Chai..... yum. Perfect for a first date, or for the day you get broke up and want a nice treat. Perfect. I would go everyday if I could - and I do. ONLY in NYC....well, not counting that Tokyo location that I randomly bumped into at Shinjuku square subway, but its a bit easier to hit up the Lower East side one. Go there! The hours are a bit irregular, the place gets packed and they do sell out of doughnuts, BUT, its the best treat spot in NYC, easy.



2 MC's - 1 Love

Isn't NYC dope? You could be walking down the street, shopping at a store, play some arcade games - then BOOM, you see a famous this, that or the other. One second you could be contemplating bloody murder of your rival rapper over that wack-ass diss track, the next, you could be inspired to write a song about it instead - simply because your favorite MC gives you a pound.
Something more or less like that was the case when our Create2Destroy.com photo team was out recently buying some props. Below are Bronx MC KRS One and Brooklyn bred Digital V (check out our "Unsigned Hype" below). Thanks for prolonging that inevitable slaying, brethren.

Well, this was actualy at a New Jersey Mall, but close enough to NYC for comfort.


Which Is Better?

This is usually how my weekends go. Wake up, cook some food, whip up a Nescafe ice coffee and rock out to the gospel singers upstairs who sing the same four songs over and over. How am I supposed to watch Hannah Montana or Degrassi and think bad thoughts when I have the voice of god shouting down on me from above. This usually leads to a morning cocktail, bloody mary, 51 oz baltica, ya know, whatever's in the fridge. After a few of those its mid-afternoon and I'll find myself stumbling in front of a keyboard or turntables. It usually works that way. By the time I'm recording something, i'm a little too tipsy to work the software right and shit comes out a little sloppy. Tada. The fun part is that when I listen to these recordings a week or so later, I'm like "where the hell did this come from???"

Hence the following. Give a listen and post a comment on which one you like better.



GTA 4 Hype Train #1

Get ready. This right here is hype train number uno out of infinity. Can you be more excited for GTA4 more then me? Doubt it, but try it anyway. I'm so ready to do some dounuts in Times Square and killing some NYPD, ooops, I mean LCPD. On and on.... Peep the pics.

What are YOU doing April 29th? Really, me too!!!!!! Except I wont tell you what store I'll be buying it from so I DON'T see you in line in front of me :)


Don't Know The Meaning Of Real? Check The Dictionary

I miss Fat Joe, the real Fat Joe. Strictly Joey Crack, his years on Relativity, and a few joints here and there on Atlantic. No iced out teeth (ugh!), no Swizz Beats production, no wack beefs with 50 Cent, no wack collabs (I won't even name names). Sounds like he might have had a flashback to his classic DITC days on his new album, The Elephant in the Room. Its not like we can expect another Represent, but at least we got "That White" with Primo on the boards. And if that's not enough, check "My Conscience" with KRS and an Alchemist beat. If you listened to DJ Eclipse's Halftime Show 10th Anniversary, you'll recognize this instrumental. Fat Joe, I hope you keep your big ass chains and fur coats in the closet for the rest of this album. Make some more joints like this or else supply us with some accapellas so we can hear random remixes like this.

Album out on March 11 so show some support.

Maybe someday, we'll be back here again:

Do you like HipHop?

Hey ya'll. Do you like hiphop? The beats, the rhymes, the themes. Do you only like rap songs with lyrics you can understand? Not relate to, but understand? I'm talking different languages and shit.
Well, if you're a real hiphop fan you surely love hiphop in any and all languanges. German.... French... Russian....A thousand other languages...... Well, while I might not know too much about other languages, but I know a thing or two about Russian Hiphop. Give it a shot.

Kasta, Krec Assai, Triada, Som Clan and Gek - in that order. That should get you started. DOPE DOPE DOPE lyrics about real stuff, none of that broken wordplay sloppy bullshit, its real poetry. Sick ass beats, tight production - what more do you want from good hiphop? A verse from Lil Wizzy talking about drug dealers on Mars?? 50 singing to you, in great detail, about how exactly his Maybach 62 is going to impregnate your girl? Souljah Boy telling you to YARRRRRRR? Fuck that. Expand your taste palate any way possible.


Best Bang for a Buck or two

Man, once in a while you come across a gem and you dont even realize it. A diamond in the rough. Most will never experience it - perhaps its the lack of adventurous spirit or that frightened taste palate. Or perhaps its that 51 oz brown plastic bottle and the $1.99 price tag - with 8% alcohol count to boot. Damn. It had to be done.
To show the scale, we compared to the regular and the ducequad bottles. Dont mind the artsy-fartsy organic beer.
We approve. Its delicious AND does the job VERY well. Never seen it anywhere - only in Bedstuy.


New Weekly Radio Show With DJ C-Sick

That's right folks, C-Sicks lovely Rootsy Collins on the Cut series has been picked up by PNCRadio. Every Tuesday at Noon (brooklyn time that is), the newest (and by new I mean old) in classic dub and dancehall oldies will be tossed in the mix. Check it out at WWW.PNCRADIO.COM

Theme Music



A fire song, berry berry nice voice, sharp flick. Being a cutie with nice wiggling skills doesn't hurt either. Eventhough I'm european, I do have my American citizenship , soooo.........

The Breakfast of Gods

You know whats amazing? Chicken and Waffles for breakfast - that's what. I don't know how I've lived for millions of years and never had that until this past Sunday. Madness. The lady below kills it with some yummy food, hot sauces, spices and all sorts of other finger-licking nap-on-the-table-right-after sensations. Visit her at 328 Lenox up in Harlem. Where else can you get some killer chicken, waffles, mac-n-cheese AND garlic mashed potatoes at 4pm Sunday morning (afternoon for some). When I go back over there, I'm gonna slay some ribs. Forget it.
AND there is a videogame store around the corner - double bonus.