Which Is Better?

This is usually how my weekends go. Wake up, cook some food, whip up a Nescafe ice coffee and rock out to the gospel singers upstairs who sing the same four songs over and over. How am I supposed to watch Hannah Montana or Degrassi and think bad thoughts when I have the voice of god shouting down on me from above. This usually leads to a morning cocktail, bloody mary, 51 oz baltica, ya know, whatever's in the fridge. After a few of those its mid-afternoon and I'll find myself stumbling in front of a keyboard or turntables. It usually works that way. By the time I'm recording something, i'm a little too tipsy to work the software right and shit comes out a little sloppy. Tada. The fun part is that when I listen to these recordings a week or so later, I'm like "where the hell did this come from???"

Hence the following. Give a listen and post a comment on which one you like better.



Anonymous said...

after hearing the eazy-e version i thought i was sold....but who knew you would throw the ghetto apostles into the mix. A+.
"sales from the cass-ettes".
these kids today don't even know son....

Anonymous said...

as a kid today, i dont even know who these foo' are supposed to be. it sounded like my grandpa rappin ;)