C2D Productions Presents Lucky's Bike Park Video

Create2Destroy productions proudly presents their first feature film - Lucky's Bike Park. Thank you to Lucky for hooking up the place. Thank you to riders, Chaloots, Yoni and Vas for stunting. Thank you to V "the bing bing" Doodles for slick editing. Please enjoy and make sure to comment.

Luckys Bike Park from vassili123 on Vimeo.


Doin' Work - Skate 2


All of Charles Hamilton Mixtapes at DatPiff

Dat Piff is apparently the authority in free mixed tapes - and as far as I'm concerned its true - you must go there to check out some of them mixed tapes that Charles Hamilton cooked up. There is a good 2 dozen of them on there, all free, most of it some solid hiphop. I must admit, I found out about the dude about a week ago - I'm sure all the cool kids have been listening to him for awhile and are already over it. The dude can really flow. One of the first tracks I heard was over a sampled Sonic game and something about it hooked me.

Do yourself a favor, and check him out. Its free, its good hiphop, why the hell not.

Them Bling Bling FiveTen Freerider

There are these riding shoes out there, FiveTen Freerider is the name. Sure sure, not the cutest mountain slippers out there, but they have this magic sole (supposedly) that is giga sticky to such things as....... bike pedals! I've been meaning to get some regular and strange 5.10s for a while now - but the looks of them just dont do it for me. So when I found out that there will be a freeride specific, yet more conventionaly appealing pair of 5.10s comming out, I was as excited as one can be for some riding shoes - because after all, there could never be too much grip between soles and pedals. Unless of course you take your feet off the pedals for stunts - which I most scertaintly do not.

But here comes the snappy part. These puppies are 95$. They dont look any different then any other skatey/bikey/Van-ster shoe, yet they are twice the price like some purple neon limited Nike Dizzydunks. Hmm.

Now normaly, I tear through riding shoes like nada. A few months maybe. And these are supposed to be super soft and grippy.... which could potentialy mean they will wear out that much quicker - just like sticky tires. Am I wrong? Am I right? Should I just read some reviews to find out how long these last? What should I have for breakfast besides this coffee? Why is it so fuckin cold out and its end of March?

I just dont know. But I might buy these - call me George, cuz I'm curious. Get it?


Wu Tang Walk On For Video Shoot

Video Shoot
For Raekwon’s “Wu Ooh” Open To Public.
March 23rd & 24th Players Club of the Bronx 1152 Randall Ave New York NY 10474


This dude's still got it...

smooth beat & flow.

I'm Sick Of All This Dog Shit

Do we really need a picture?
It seems like its everywhere I walk. I gotta hop around like a crazy man dodging stank piles. What's worse is sometimes I swear its human shit. I pity the lady's that walk around in open toe shoes, cuz that shit will literally ruin yer day if ya step in it.
tread carefully......


Red Hook Ride - D*Tufino Photos

Went for a street ride yesturday, and here is the promised ride report.
Red hook packs alot of banks, of various sizes, lots of building supplies. Lots of fun fun stuff.
There is a mean set of wooden rollers.

Ikea Rollers Red Hook - Anson YoWelli Wellington from vassili123 on Vimeo.

Lots of water, air, and a million streets. I like riding Red Hook. Eventhough we've been there many of times, it always feels like a untouched territory.

The below pictures are from D*Tufino who's a fellow rider and photo picture maker, see more of them on his site.


Free Drinks And Salsa!!!!

(lessons) At BLVD, which is kinda like a fancy resort compared to the shit I been goin to lately. Big up to the maestros Chico Alvarez and Jose Conde. Mutherfuckas been puttin it down!!! So come out and show support.

Dranks & Salsa 8 - 9

Performances from 9:30 til 11:30.

DJ David Medina in house too.

March 26th, doors at 8pm, BLVD 199 Bowery @ Spring

Tonic Fallguy NYC

I think I'm going to take my bike out for a ride tonight, Red Hook'ish. Its supposed to be high 50s. First I will need to go home and change a flat tire in the front. But then it just might be on. Expect a full ride report tomorrow - you can hold me to it.


Tioga Power Blocks - Lighter then FS100?

My boy Tim brought these tires to my attention - pattern looks good when compared to the similar FS100s. FS's proved to be mighty street tires, since they roll super smooth, felt pretty light for a non folding rubber, yet are sturdy enough for NYC street glass warfare. Seems like the addition of mini knobbies on the sides will sharpen up handling when the leaning gets mean, while the bigger wider smooth knobs down the middle will ensure straight line speed. Obviously comes in 24", or it wouldn't be C2D material.

I will deffinately get my hands on a set and see whats what, since my ultra sexy Schwalbe Tabletop front tore a sidewall and exploded in the midle of the night. This is a bit of a side story, but let me tell you, when you have close to 70psi in a mounted tire, and it explodes - it littearaly sounds louder then a gunshot - and I know, being a russian youth you were more or less required to spit off a handfull of live AK47 rounds in preparation for the imminent threat of the capatalist and bourgeoisie pig. It was comming around to be 9pm, nice quite evening, a little bit of Air mixing its melody with candles and a bing bing. A floor session.... then BOOM!!! It was such a shock, my hands were litteraly shacking for 5 minutes - and the thought of permanent damage crossed my mind. Brutal.


GTA Chinatown Wars Release Party With OH NO!!

Act Fast Folks!!!

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars release party tonite at the Nintendo World Store - Rockefeller Plaza. It's free, tonite from midnite til 2am. They are givin away all sorts of shit, but lets face it, DS sucks so just go to see OhNo cuz he's the bomb!

Party Time 2009: vol 1

The Food Life: Vol 8

first i made it. then i ate it. simple. the food life is the good life.


8-Bit Hip Hop Medley

This is some choice stuff. Tastefully done. Give it a listen.
Thanks to Shira for the info.


C2D x Bike Industry complete - First Blog to Offer Completes

In a typical Create2Destroy fashion, we've officially became the first blog to have their own complete production bike. Below (and above) is C2D Fall Back , the first of a range of models that C2D Bike Fabrications will offer. I could bore, or perhaps, excite you with the tech talk about all the titanium and carbon bits sprinkled throughout this build, but that would be outside of C2D character. Wheels are 26". There is only one brake, disc, mechanical. A tall seatpost with a fine italian saddle - remember - this is not a stunt cycle. Hard tail AND hard nose. An all out performer, street shredder, food getter. Bedstuy to Dumbo in less then 17 minutes on this beast - its fast. Fire blue, C2D team color, is glazed on the main body.

We have 2 dozen prototypes available now, with a very mean exclusivity policy - think Ferrari Enzo.

Contact us for a chance to own one or to schedule a photoshoot.


Raw Art v2


Wu Tang Wednesdays.....Er.... Tuesdays

ok, gonna come a day early on this one, and unleash some aural fury...

First off, if you aint got Pro Tools, you can record your own over this one

Santogold and ....Raekwon? Staten Island goes hard

Ghostface sends out a tribute for International Women's Day

Before they made deodorant commercials and shitty tv shows, they made music, and still do

Last but not least, if you can manage to ignore Busta, you might enjoy this

Once again, due to my lazy ass, props to spine (but hey, I'm a day early tho right??)

Because You Let Me

VDGT of PGnDV fame dropped this off in C2D mailbox today.
Thank you, keep up the good work.

Less of the same thing, unique in every respect/
Switching hips with each step, rockin a polka~doted head wrap /
Holdin her hair back seductively and I don't need that/
I cant sleep but must rest, unfortunate, but a fact/
Trade this addiction for crack, then at least I could cop it/
Chances went from small to tiny, eventually microscopic/
A tear filled bucket kicked over in effort to get her wet/
More logical when I'm sober, one life with little regret/


the best thing since Dick-In-A-Box...

its a Glock-in-a-box:

but don't be a dumbfuck like this guy....


Unemployed Bum's Recession Special Bike Check

So here is the story, we got this intern couple months back, goes by Retardo Montalban.
When he first called us up begging for an opportunity at C2D HQ, his overly enthusiastic approach coupled with his delicate, if not exactly politically correct name, put up a few warning signs. But we have open minds and hearts here at C2D, we give chances, we see potential. We're similar to things that you don't even know exist, you know what we mean?
We decided to try him out, get his feet moist, give him the ol' shinding - and we must say, so far, the "Tard", as we lovingly nicknamed the lil fella, is one bright firefly. Between hand frothing our lattes and foot trafficing our office he's been hard at work on his first feature - a bike check manifesto of sorts. An equivalent of a shoutout insert in the greatest hiphop album ever made, but about bicycles.
Enough with the introduction. Introductions don't pay bills or fly you to Phoenix to shoot custom rifles. I'd like to present to you Retardo Montalban and The Unemployed Bum's Recession Special Bike Check.

The Unemployed Bum's Recession Special Bike Check.
by retardo montalban

Just because the economy is in the tank and your job had its ass
pulled out from under you, doesn't mean you can't build yourself a
new bike. You most likely have a bunch of friends with more bike parts
than sense, since they are forever upgrading to the latest, newest,
shiniest, lightest, biggest, and smallest. Take this bike below,
for example:

This is what you get when your grand plans of a spec'd-out,
dialed Superco Charger has been ripped from your undeserving
mitts by the callous hands of unemployment. Time to reassess,
dial up your favorite online internet blowout retailers,
cannibalize your own bikes, and, most importantly, hit up
those friends.

The frame and fork are new, the latter a blowout special.
Cranks are also new, the one big splurge was a hollow spindle.
Wheels and bar/stem were defrocked from my DH bike. Everything
else you see was generously donated by my riding bros. I got
this thing done just in time for the area's one big snowstorm
of the season, so riding time so far is pretty much been nil.
Still, it's done, and I have a lot of time to ride it.
So all in all, a shitty economy has worked out pretty well
for me. At least until rent is due next month.


Mishka Keep Watch Vol 6 Mixtape

Now, normally i'm REALLLLLLY not a fan of Mishka and their gear. Purple and neon green cheese with weak graphics. Plus the whole use of russian words/slang/saying and Cyrillic, while clever as a gimmic, rubs me the wrong way.
Maybe its beacause I'm russian and I read/see all this shit, see how simple it is, and wish I've done it?? Or maybe because I'm not hip enough to rock/rub/roll* their fitteds and flanel vests? (*note the delicate BikeSnobNYC nod) Who knows, but Mishka = Medvezhye Govno. See? I just did it, you dont know what it means, which means it must be pretty neat, even if it actualy says "bear shit".
Regardless, we're not talking about clothes here, its about a mixtape they just dropped. I dont know how often these happen, this is actualy the first one I ever got from Mishka, but its solid. Worth a listen, get it here.

Hack Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Mac

Gizmondo will tell you how, seems pretty straight forward, if you're into that type of thing. However, I'm typing this on a Dell running Vista and things are working fine and dandy, no matter how awesome the Mac dudes role in Die Hard 4 was. Good job kid.


Little Big Planet North Shore

Little Big Planet for PS3 is an amazing game. If you dont know about it, look it up. You can build pretty much whatever you want, then play it. There are complex mechanic/physics tools at work, and the outcome is super fun. Check out this one example - a North Shore mtb level someone hooked up - complete with a bouncy fork! Very inspirational and I'll be sure to build something similar myself.

Kowa / Nemesis Project Fork

$599.99 suggested retail
480mm axle to crown
CNC’d upper crown
36mm stanchion
Rebound damping
Coil spring

I like the looks of it. Very crisp design, aesthetically at least. However, for a jump/street fork, it seems overpriced, overbuilt and overweight. We'll see how these get reviewed, I would love to see one in person...

Wu Tang Wednesday Vol 3 Or Some Shit

The Highest??

Ha ha large pro, yer a funny dude.

The heist

(prps to spine cuz im a lazy muthafucka, hit me for the vinyl if the link gets tossed)

And You Thought That Was Fresh!!!

D Block mutha fuckas....

oh wait, thats d train.....


Mutha Fucka I'm ill!!!

Aint nothin else to say (except how he got the effect on the note var. fader?)


Bad News For CIN Ratings....No More Daggering!!

Bad news comes to adolescent boys in Jamaica and CIN viewers here in NYC. In February, regulators in Jam Rock decided to ban videos that portray risque dancing like daggering and other violent shit. Now look, I can understand banning men rocking Coach man purses while dry humping a woman, but this may be too much. Cmon now....

Side note, who watches music videos on regular tv anymore? Old men? Thats who this law is really effecting.

Jarvis Earnshaw Solo Exhibition

So, some of you may know Jarvis as the guy that does the Draw-A-Thons with all the naked lady's and what not. So now he has a solo exhibit at the Pratt Manhattan location. He's a pretty neat dude so I'm sure he'll have some interesting stuff, and I hear he's gonna do some weird analog tape loops and shit. Big Up Big Up!!! Come through an say what up.

Jarvis Earnshaw Solo Exhibition
March 6th, 2009 - 7pm-
Pratt Manhattan
114 W 14th Street