Shook Guns Part 10 - Papercraft

Came across this dude named Hoborginc on Deviantart and his work is amazing. Below is a few samples - all of this is paper. Ridiculous. All of these are available for download and I'm definitely planning on building some, starting with that handgun.

Reminded me of the Martin Postlers papercraft weapons - I have the AK47 - I'm yet to complete.


Whip Off Worlds

I love whips. More than anything else, besides maybe a fully clicked table, I love whips. You can keep your 74 1/2-trick combos over a small double, I'd rather see huge air with a big, floaty, lazy whip that's barely pulled back before landing.

Vitalmtb sponsored the Whip Off Worlds this past weekend at Crankworks in Whistler, and here's a vid from those fine folks over there. Also, head on over to see all the coverage from the the mounatin bike mecca's preeminent event.

Whip Off Worlds - More Mountain Bike Videos

Metal Mondays V1

I like to slip a bit of metal into rotation every now and again on the C2D HQ HiFi. It's fun to watch Chorizali's pen go skidding across the paper when it comes spewing out of the speakers like they were hit with an immediate, unstoppable fit of violent vomiting.

This is Planks. Currently in heavy rotation here. They pick up where bands like Isis (rip!), Mastodon, Neurosis and Jesu kind of dropped the ball. Where they've gone soft, Planks continues driving it home with the sound of general despair, apathy, gloom, and hopelessness. Perfect for Monday.


paperbike v2 - sneak peek

C2D got an exclusive sneak peak at the nearly finished paperbikes v2 frameset papercraft. Any fixed gear enthusiasts dream, but it can also be setup single speed if that's your cup of tea. This one will come with both drop bars and raiser bars, depending on your preference. Rumor has it that it will be released in the next few days, so hold tight and check for it in our C2D online store for cheap cheap cheap. Pick one up and have fun.


The Food Life V47 - Ribs and Thangs

Hangoutkid threw a wicked Rib-n-food-fest this past weekend, and we sure got topped off. 2 different kinds of ribs, roasted chicken, a few whole fish, cupcakes, beers in a hip cooler, beautiful sunset. When Hangoutkid hangs out, trust us, you wanna be there.



Kiki with her TT (Kilo)

Still enjoying that Mercier, a couple of weeks later.

Trouble on my mind

Pusha T got that baby jesus flow. Heavy.


C2D Might Need To Do Some Field Research In Ghana

Bikelordz in Accra, Ghana, captured by Mikey Hart (BK representer).  The project has a Kickstarter page if you want to get in on the action and support this film.   That is located HERE.    There are some dope quotes in this snippet alone, cant wait to see the full thing!   



Fun'n'games V22: Headphones

These puppies will have 7.1 virtual surround sound - wirelessly via bluetooth. Charging via PS3 usb cables. $99 beans ain't cheap, but if you want to be putting in laps at Nurburgring at any hours of the night at top volume without the ol' missus getting pissy, this will be key. Available in October.


Deus Customs

This is the bike I want. What a sexy beast.


paperbikes v1 - finished!

paperbikes v1 is finally finished and is here for you to enjoy. Tiny little papercraft project is fun to build/customize/stare at.

Build it while you're sitting at the office and daydreaming of that weekend trail/park/street/dh ride you're going to have. Small enough to be put on your desk as its only about 3.5" long and 3" tall!

v1 is an aggressive MTB, good and strong enough for anything you can throw at it. Many more versions are on the way, including a BMX, fixed gear and a downhill bike, as well as a few others. Pick one up at our C2D online store NOW! Fun enough for adults, easy enough for kids.


The Food Life V46 - iPhone Pics

Sometimes there is an amazing food photo opportunity but you just don't have the right camera with you or you're just too damn hungry to whip it out. Camera phone to the rescue. Whether its some fancy french brunch, some much talked about japanese street food, some precious chicken curry puffs from your favorite thai joint, a icecold pint of some refreshing whtie beer, some lamb shishkebobs inbetween slurps of a veal dumpling soup at a uzbek spot or just a plain ol' sausage egg and cheese on a onion bagel before a downhill session - things need to be captured and shared. Too bad the camera is never there when I'm doing mean sets of situps.

Fuck a new Benz, I'd rather cop an old Saab

I've overlooked Action Bronson for long enough. Better late then never though.